Monday, September 13, 2004

it has been interesting!

Since my last post, I ventured out and the past week became extemely busy!

My cell group and I went to The Hangout Perth's largest indoor rock climbing facility. It was really awesome to be able to hang out with my cell members outside of church. And it was even more fun to see all of us trying to tackle some pretty crazy looking surfaces! Hope to be able to show you some pictures another day...

I started working at Riverview's church office on Tuesday. I was pretty nervous at first... (cuz I didn't and still don't know many people at church), but I was really blessed to be able to work with a wonderful lady called Paulina. I'm now working in the Senior Minister's Department which basically helps Pastor Phil Baker organise his schedule and the events what involve him in it. I've been doing data entry for starters, and it's been pretty fun... One thing I did notice - Perhaps because the office is so big and perhaps there are always new people/ volunteers running around helping out, most of the permanent staff don't even realise you're there or recognise you or are even bothered to get to know you. All these "perhaps"... I really hope that I noticed wrongly!

Anyway, after I started work on Tuesday, my family and I started painting in our new house. That was when absolute madness began... we had been rushing to finish painting before the new carpet comes in tomorrow. Sarah and I were doing most of the painting while my mother was acting as the chauffeur and also the person in charge of masking all the edges around the rooms, dad helped out whenever he could. It was extremely physically excruciating for me, I got carpet burns on my knees (I did not know that could happen), swollen fingers and arms, sore muscles and bruises everywhere, not to mention the paint in my hair, plus severe lack of sleep due to us painting till late at night and having to wake up very early to continue painting... and had to look decently normal on Thursday morning when I went to work. And I'm glad that it's almost over, pretty much all the rooms have been completed (only got a few more walls to recoat... not so stressful now)... , and the carpet is coming tomorrow... and we'll be out of our apartment by Friday! woohoo FINALLY!

Taking a break from the painting, I went to Youth Alive with Anna yesterday (along with my sister and my cousins). WOW there were 6,000+ people last night in the newly renovated Perth Convention Centre (the largest Youth Alive ever for Western Australia). It was a little chaotic, but the fact that so many people turned up to this event and many gave their lives to the Lord was just amazing. Poor Ruth had been working for the event all day and was absolutely shattered by the end of the night... well it was well worth it! The youth is our future... investing in them equals investing into your future!

My random post has to end here... I apologise if this post sounds all over the place... I blame the paint fumes!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

should be interesting

I seem to be doing quite a few new things these days... and here's a list the new things I will be doing in the near future:
  • Indoor rock climbing (going with my cell group tonight for our cell social)
  • Becoming a partner at Riverview Church
  • Volunteering twice a week at Riverview's church office... helping out with the senior ministers' dept. (what have I got myself into)
  • Auditioning to join the church's choir
  • Painting my new house

More interesting things: this is for the cat lovers & this is a very cool world record & the DIY double-lidded eye