Sunday, June 10, 2007

officically winter

Winter has arrived... amidst rain, wind and gloom these past couple of weeks, it was a beautiful sunny day when we celebrated my gorgeous and talented friend Polanski's birthday...

click this link for more pics from the birthday breakfast

Other random happenings of late: My friend Shannon's dog Tilly gave birth to 5 puppies and I was able to visit them the day after the birth... they were so cute, their eyes hadn't opened yet and were just snuggling in with their mommy... I'm so sad cuz my hairdresser Michael has decided to leave town for the UK... what's going to become of my hair! haha anyway I'm definitely going to miss my pseudo-asian Luke Perry!!... I got my admin job back (well extended) so I'm really glad that there will be some job security... The Big Weekend at Riverview (a weekend filled with amazing speakers including Mark and Darlene Zschech) is coming up this weekend and it will include the worship album recording. I'm in the choir and it's been really exciting learning new songs, parts and arrangements, and I feel so blessed to be able to serve alongside an incredible team of uber talented people... My friend Karen will be coming over for a visit, we're hoping to have a bit of a vine reunion in Perth!

tilly and her babies + ann and polanski window shopping

a random pile of banana peels on the side of a road

we asians - michael and ann

PS: My super gifted friend Polanski not only hemmed up a new pair of black jeans (cuz regular jeans are too long for my short legs) that I had to buy as part of the album record's requirements for choir members)'s school project, but she also created a really funky skirt for a uni project. I was able to spend some time with her this weekend as she was piecing the whole thing up. I love the yellow and those amazing big buttons which she handmade.

Currently loving:
- irises
- chai tea
- my connect group
- the talented singers and musos who are preparing for Riverview's upcoming album record
- dental check-ups when the dentist gives me the all clear! phew!
- private insurance for covering dental! yay!