Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas

I passed my driving assessment today! 25 hours of the log book and a hazard perception test and I'll be on my Ps! Woohoo! What a great Christmas present for myself! Will be singing in the choir for the first time tonight in the Christmas Eve services (Theme: Christmas meets the Castle) at church. The drama team have done an outstanding job of an adaptation of the movie ('The Castle'), I watched the rehearsal last night, and it was hilarious! Finished all my Christmas shopping, so I'm going to relax and enjoy this festive season now!


Sunday, December 19, 2004

the ridiculous

I've got a cold! Yes it's summertime now! I'm not too sure how I got it, but I guess it gives me a good excuse to rest, reflect and stay at home (meanwhile Sarah has gone to the beach and it's a darn good day for the beach, what a bummer for me). Finally got my new bed 2 days ago, so I now sleep in my own room (yes the pink coloured room), my brother's grey room is going to miss Sarah and I's presence. Ooh, I'm going for my driving test on Friday (Christmas Eve), really pray that I pass!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

utterly exhausted

Had a very very productive week last week and I still haven't recovered. My family (except moses who's still in Sydney) + 6 other relatives went down south to Margaret River and Karri Valley for 4 days! It was a fantastic trip, got to spend time with my family; eating, eating, and more eating; checked out some wineries, the cheese factory, the soap factory; went hiking, canoeing and swimming; etc. Straight after the trip, Sarah and I went to the Young Adults' end of year bash - the River Cruise... lots of dancing and everyone looked very very nice that evening. Saturday and Sunday went by way too quickly, and so the week continues... I still haven't recovered. Still tired and now have a sore throat to add more intensity to my already aching body. I guess it doesn't help that the weather has been rather crazily hot too, it was 41.5C yesterday... I was melting so badly. Ooh on a more exciting note, Sarah and I got accepted into the choir officially. That means we will be able to sing fo the Christmas services! We're pretty stoked about it! Hmmm I'll post some pics of last week's happenings later... good night!