Monday, May 28, 2007

yay for may

I've been in my job for just over a year now. Wow! I still can't believe that a 5-day job has turned out to be so much more than what it originally entailed. Thank you God! I was really missing HK two weeks ago... no, I was severely missing HK... and out of the blue I received an email from a dear friend requesting for my home address and within a few days I received a care package from HK complete with the Vine Worship Band's album (yes I know it was so last year but I never got a copy!), one_eighty stickers, a dvd, a kitschy phone dingle dangly thing and even handwritten letters! I was so touched... really felt that God heard my heart and decided to answer it... it was like 'if Ann can't be in HK, let's bring HK to Ann'... incredibly uplifting! And it doesn't end there... my friend Chicken told me a few days ago that she'll be stopping over in Perth before going over to the UK for the rest of her summer holidays! yippee... and I was even able to briefly catch up with Maree who I knew back from the Vine days at my church Riverview over the weekend... ahhhh my HK fix for the week! bliss!

Wishing all the May babies a very happy (belated) birthday including my bro, Kel and Maver.

Here are a few pics taken over the past few days:

at texas' 18th birthday party

gorgeous parakeets near my office

a little something from a magazine bryce gave me before he left town that made me laugh...

Currently loving:
- listening to the Vine Worship Band... it's food for the soul
- my new bookcase... yes I finally pieced it together! now need to sort out my books...
- the rainbows appearing after the rain
- the sound of rain pelting down my roof

Monday, May 21, 2007

pensive: what's going on?

Three weeks into my new acting position, many hours of overtime later and I've still not quite settled into the job... but I've started enjoying the role (which is a start). To prove that nothing is permanent I recently had to apply for the job I was in before I started the acting position... confused? well basically I have to apply for my old job back.

As I was browing through news feeds I found a rather sad and disturbing news story about a father who microwaved his 2-month old baby... To make it worse the father claimed he was called to be minister by God...

I received a bulletin from a travel company and it was advertising trips to Hong Hong. It named and described a hotel that is "in Hong Kong's Chinatown, with a free shuttle to the MTR making this property in a convenient location". Can someone please explain to me what and where Chinatown is in Hong Kong????? I'm so lost...

Currently loving:
- dried mango from the Philippines
- the red leaves outside my office window
- iTunes on my work computer and headphones so I get to drown out the severely loud discussions (that are totally work unrelated ie speed dating) happening in the next pod.
- Red Rock honey mustard chips

Below are a few of my fav pics taken recently. Clockwise from top left: mussels and pizza in freo; chelsea, ann and clare at dave and andrea's wedding (thanks clare); red leaves; bdg and louwie.