Tuesday, March 29, 2005

my grandma

We received the news this afternoon that my grandma 嫲嫲 (dad's mother) had just passed away peacefully after lunch in Malaysia. She would have been 87 years old this year. Mom and dad and two of my cousins have flewn back to Malaysia for the funeral (Thursday 31st). I wasn't able to go back, so I'm at home with Sarah and my other grandma 婆婆 from Taiwan.

It made me look back and remember what an awesome woman my grandma was. Some of my memories: She flew to Hong Kong from the tropical country just for my birth and braved the harsh winter months; she was a nifty tailor and we all wore pyjamas made by her when we were little; she told us that we had to drink Milo to grow taller; the malay phrases she always used 'ais-krim', 'roti' etc. She will be missed but not forgotten.

my grandma's 80th birthday ('98)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

it's another long weekend


b.c. comic 21st March 2005

Riverview's got three Good Friday services - 9 & 11am and 3pm.
And looking forward to hearing reports from the Vine's Davao and Sri Lanka mission trips.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a year in review

Time has gone by, and without realising it I've been in Perth for a year and seven days now. Looking back, so many things have happened (and I'm sure I've missed quite a lot out)- in chronological order: my cousin Syl's wedding, went to Melbourne for my friend Andrew's wedding & my other cousin Michelle's wedding, met up with Ruth and met Anna for the first time in person, hung out with Rachel while she was at YWAM Perth, Riverview's Encounter worship recording, went to Sydney for Hillsong 2004 conference and got to meet up with my friends from HK, Sarah and Mom moved over to Perth, started going to cell group, volunteered at the church office, painted the entire house with Sarah, moved into our new home in Leeming, started going to Youth/ Young Adults on Friday nights, joined the choir, became a partner of Riverview, found Maree at church, had my birthday, went to Karri Valley and Margaret River with my family, young adults rivercruise, was a witness at my high school friend's wedding, had our first Christmas in Perth with all my relatives, officially started singing in the choir, got my driver's licence, started uni, got a new car... God has definitely answered my prayers, He has provided me with an awesome church and friends that are amazing.

Of course, I do miss Hong Kong... my friends back there, the vine, the food, the shopping, the transportation system, the atmosphere, the place where I grew up. But I know that I'm here in Perth because He has placed me here for a reason, and I love that fact.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Got 2 assignments to go before the weekend and then I have 2 weeks of holiday! Yay! Really excited about the break... I mean after 8 intense weeks of uni it's definitely a good thing. Hopefully my brain will be able to bounce back from its mushy state.

My sister has been promoting Hong Kong's Whence He Came to everyone in Perth, and she's actually converted quite a few people. (Josh and Ephraim you should consider hiring her as your promoter!) One guy loves WHC so much that he decided after hearing that all the band's merch has sold out, to make his own WHC t-shirt. He actually designed and screen-printed his own t-shirt out of scratch. Evidence shown below (note: yellow shirt is an original WHC t-shirt).

WHC fans in Perth

I have been blessed with awesome friends who have shared their wise thoughts and experiences as well as prayed with me recently as I went through quite a bit of emotional stress and was feeling up and down. Here's the poem that my friend wrote, which really encouraged me.

Believe that today's hardships have taught you a lesson
And that tomorrow you will put that lesson to use.
Believe that when the winter of life sets in it's always followed by a rainbow of hope
Believe that each step will not only take you closer to where you want to be
Believe it will make you WHO you want to be
Believe in imagination
Believe in your dreams
Believe in your strength
Believe beyond circumstances
Believe in resilience
Believe in persistence
Believe in beauty
Use all of this belief
And believe in yourself

Leanne Selby ©

Thursday, March 03, 2005

light relief

I don't know about other people, but I know after 4 weeks of the intro course and now into my 2nd week of semester one, my brain has already turned into mush. I'm trying hard to organise my assignments and get my readings up-to-date (what a near impossible task!) Stepping aside from uni stuff... I have been able to spend time with my friends which has been really wonderful. I went to the Switchfoot concert last week, and it was just brilliant! Watched the Oscars the other night with my friends on our new plasma 42" screen, comparing our own Oscar winners on our form guides... and there must be quite a few people born in February and March cuz there seems to be birthday parties happening every weekend. Here are just a few pics from my friend Aimee's party (courtesy of Sarah's camera)

the birthday girl and i + bryce and serg

craig and sarah + me surviving uni

And here are the pictures taken on my camera at Aimee's 21st.
And this is the Mandarin ring tone that I really want on my mobile phone... and another bit of music entertainment.