Tuesday, May 16, 2006

autumn is setting in

We went to Jackie Pullinger's meeting last week. She brought a team from HK with her, and some of them only spoke in Cantonese... really made me remember the days we went to bilingual church services. Anyway something that Jackie said really stuck with me, 'How can you minister to the poor, if you don't know that you yourself are poor?' That quote has been running through my mind constantly for the past few days...

On a much lighter note... The weather has been cooling down recently, the low humidity has made my scalp go crazy, hopefully it'll calm down soon... I'm really loving the colours of the autumnal trees with their shades of red and gold, just the other day Sarah and I were driving into the city and noticed a whole row of trees that had turned gold and then down another road where we drove under some reddened trees..... we were both in awe, gushing and cooing ahhh how gorgeous are those trees! Perhaps the gardeners may not appreciate having to rake the leaves that have malted off, but I'm sure the changing colours of the leaves must make them happy... well it makes me happy at least... How cool is it that God made trees that change colour to keep me gushing over how amazing He is! Anyway the change in season has prompted me to start knitting again... just finished a grey scarf! Below is also a picture of the poster that I helped Sarah do for one of her projects... I didn't choose the quote (I personally don't think it makes much sense) but it was fun helping my sister design and do this cut 'n' paste job...

the grey scarf + sarah's poster

It was Kym's birthday on Saturday... we had the honour of celebrating it with her... what a night! Below are a few pics from the evening... sorry didn't take many pics... but check Andrea and Bryce's blogs for heaps more pics of the festive night.

birthday girl and ray + the sun shining out of b00f's bum

adam jess and clare + conservative dancing with cushions as buffers

Saturday, May 06, 2006

jackie pullinger-to is coming to perth!

I have known this amazing woman of God for over two decades! I'm excited she's going to be town... going to be speaking in South Perth on Thursday and Friday... really looking forward to it!

click on the image to view the enlarged version (unless you have really really good eye sight!)