Monday, September 03, 2007

it's been a long time

I honestly wanted to post a while back but my computer has been giving much grief... I'm still fixing it and hoping it's now on the road to recovery. Can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted.

Anyway many (mostly good) things have happened in the last few weeks... to name a few things (not in any particular order): I've been working really hard, sometimes wondering if I'm actually cut out to even do the job... but glad to have the opportunity to learn even if it can be tough at times and satisfied when I know the things I have been coordinating end up being alright; Kym dropped into town for a few days and it was really lovely to catch up with her; Serg flew off to Chile to be closer to his girlfriend (now fiancee!); my cousin Nathan, aunt and uncle were in town for a month... mom treated us all to Cirque du Soleil's Varekai which was magical and Nathan really loved the fairy floss!; I went to Brooke Fraser's concert... wow that girl is amazingly talented and quirky; Got to see Switchfoot play at Youth Alive's Adrenaline rally... those guys were so good, and this time the sound was much better than their previous gig; It was Father's Day last Sunday... dad decided he wanted to do something different this year and requested to go to Kings Park... we packed a picnic and had a great time out in the sun on the grass... think my gong gong quite enjoyed it too (secretly)... we also got to stroll through the wildflowers on display much to dad's delight...

I have actually taken lots of pictures recently, but will have to slowly sift through and upload them... below are just some of my favourite shots from August.

gayle and maya + ranuculus

eli shelley celeste + double rainbow

brooke fraser + mike and kym

ann and kym + basement at norfolk hotel

jasmine + youth band practising

nathan and sarah + switchfoot

jonquils + ann and sarah
Currently loving:
- Gloria Jean's creamy hot cocoa... can't wait to get a hold of the retail version of it... the stuff is addictive!
- flowers popping up everywhere!!! like the ones near my work... little grevillea type flowers growing out of shrubs... I'm quite enjoying the native plants which are so different from the plants I was used to seeing in HK in pots, in cellophane and all mass produced...
- the amazing range of pink sprays (dusky pinks to vibrant fucshias) of geraldton waxes and the gentle yellow sprays of the mimosas along the freeway, especially off the South Street exit! the colours just make me gush...
- the soft fragrance of jasmine as it sweetly wafts into the living from the patio lattice...
- sticky date pudding at Little Creatures... simply divine!