Tuesday, June 06, 2006

happy belated tuen ng festival

Being away from a community that celebrates lots of the Chinese lunar festivities, and living on a totally opposite hemisphere that often confuses me ie: Mid-Autumn festival is in Spring here in OZ... it's very easy to forget when the Chinese festivals are. Luckily Mom knows when all the dates are each year. Last Wednesday (31st May), was 端午節 Tuen Ng Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong (cuz of the dragon boat races etc), and traditionally a bamboo leaf wrapped rice dumpling called 粽子 'zong' in Cantonese or 'zong zi' in Mandarin would be eaten that day too. Anyway after my cell group (we watched '50 First Dates' on a huge projector screen aka Dom's living room wall, had a gourmet dessert party that included apple pie and ice-cream + marshmallow and chocolate fondue, and even a take-away coffee van arrive at our cell's doorstep to serve us) I went back home and had my much craved favourite 'gan sui zong'. I felt very in touch with my Chinese heritage (although I would have loved to have had the public holiday too)... Anyway here's a picture of a 'zong'...
Sorry for the rather random post, but my brain is very fried... oh btw I got a temp job... that's another amazing story... will post about it very soon!