Friday, March 17, 2006

it's been two years

I can't quite believe it, but it's been two years and two days since I landed in Perth... wow! How time goes by quickly... and how much has happened in that time! Unbelievable! (O-ohh) From I don't know why I'm here in Perth, to slowly working out that there is stuff for me to do here, it definitely has been a journey... but looking back and reflecting, I can see how God has been there every step of the way. He's seen me through all my joy and sorrow, He's heard me ranting, raving and venting, He's counseled me and consoled me, He's seen it all! I'm glad that my family and I have been able to adjust to the new environment and really enjoy it. It's brilliant seeing my dad and mom relaxed, hanging out with friends, enjoying tackling the garden, etc. I guess having my cousins here helps too, Moses loves hanging out with them when he's in town. I'm also so grateful for the beautiful supportive friends I have overseas and the amazing friends that I have been able to make here. And I have to say I'm super thankful for my church, my other home - Riverview... Thank you God for answering my prayers and for always being there for me. And thank you God so much for opening new doors for me, allowing me to experience and see so much more than I ever expected. I never thought I would be able to be involved with visual arts (sure I used to critique it but I never could paint, but here I am doing just that at church!). I never thought I could write songs (believe me I've prayed for years, I've even sat down with pen and paper many at times ready to write something - but nothing came) and just recently one morning I woke up with a song I knew I had to write down... how crazy is that! Anyway those are just a few of the amazing things that I've been experiencing recently... how awesome is my God!

Melbourne beckoned my friend Mark... he will definitely be missed by us all here in Perth... so for now - a few flashbacks of the GTs/ shenanigans.

brendan adam mark + chantelle corina

samn greg aaron + feet

corina + aaron

the boys + samn

group photo

annette + pillow fight

Thursday, March 09, 2006

racial identities

I've read quite a few articles in the past few weeks about the race and ethnicity. It dawned on me that no matter how much we talk about equality and not-judging, it's always going to be around. I'm not saying it's all bad... although I am interested in hearing how people react to prejudices etc. Just tonight a friend was saying he didn't like watching asians take the mick out of themselves by looking geeky, because it's stereotyping all asians into the geeky category which is obviously not the real deal but it can appear that way. I guess the same could be said about african american and how they are often linked to hip-hop, rap and pimps... just a thought. Anyway here are a few links of articles/sites I came across recently which I found very interesting: (warning - some of the links may be quite extreme and some people may find it offensive)
- Trading Places (a reality TV show about a black and a white family changing identities for a period of time)
- Tokyo Breakfast (a comedy skit of a traditional Japanese family thinking they are black)
- All Look Same (a quiz to see if you can identify Chinese, Japanese and Koreans - I thought this was really tricky... as a Chinese I reckon I scored rather pathetically... but I guess that's the point... can you really tell the difference?)
- Crash (the multi-Oscar winning "racial drama depicting the intertwining experiences of an array of characters over 36 hours")
- This article about Paris Hilton just cracked me up... the title alone is hilarious.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

a sigh of relief

After applying for heaps of jobs, the result I got last week were all negative... what a downer! It was just yesterday (Tuesday) that I was telling some of my friends about the job hunting situation and how I was going to continue to plod on. Anyway today (Wednesday) I got a phone call from a company asking me to go in for an interview! I was so stoked! God heard my grumbling and answered back. Whatever the outcome of the interview I'm just so in awe with God for being so humourous and real.

Well I haven't taken many pictures with my camera recently, but I have finally uploaded my pictures onto the computer. I discovered that I had taken some pictures of my church's Christmas production set design development, so here they are pictures of the set design of Riverview's Christmas Production (yeah I know it's months late, but I still love the pics!). And some of the happenings from this weekend/ week from my sister's camera: The main events were James and Laura's Superheroes themed birthday party where Clare, Corina, Sarah and I dressed up as Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and the Young Adults' Sunday Sizzle at the Foreshore...

clare and ann at the club + the heroes in a half shell

the turtles, sheera and sailor moon + superman and dangermouse

the boys and the pole

robin + grace and jason

superhero pile-up + the sunday sky

gail + relaxing at the foreshore

sarah as a dancing bean + my artwork on fish fingers