Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my trip to melbourne

I'm back in Perth now, but I was in Melbourne a week ago mainly for my friend Asti's 30th birthday party. It was really nice to be able to catch up with friends I haven't caught up with in years and also to visit some old favourites... Click on the pic below for the pics of my trip to Melbourne...

My current top 5 fav locations in Melbourne:
  • Brunetti - awesome cafe off Lygon St
  • Lambs on Lygon St - best souvlaki
  • Koko Black - a haven and a must-try for chocoholics (a big thumbs-up even from the normally non-chocolate me)
  • National Gallery of Victoria - the two buildings house some spectacular pieces of art... I was 'wow'ed!
  • Curious Eidolon - the funkiest shop on Johnston St (not to mention the owner is my primary school friend Petina)

Monday, October 09, 2006

just some random recent pics

Here are some random pics from recent events... mainly from last Friday night at the Claremont where we went and supported Aaron Malone and his band, said bon voyage to Josh Fuimano before he headed back to Brisbane, and not to mention some serious rug cutting action... courtesy of Gayle's camera (and I thought I'd chuck in a couple other pics I took ie: one of my favourite flowers and an awesome view I saw on my way back from work one day).

at elisabeth's birthday party + ranunculi

rainbow + at the claremont

clare bryce ado + boof's glossy locks

kym josh gayle + clare

gayle + ado boof bryce

Btw I finally got to eat some mooncake... it was so delicious! Oh and I finally got my ticket to Melbourne... watch this blog for more updates about it!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

it's mid-autumn festival again

Happy mid-autumn festival (moon festival 中秋節)! I totally lost track of time this year with my Chinese festivals... and I guess because mom didn't buy any mooncakes this time round I wasn't prompted about the festival until today. Anyway I'll have to rumage through my pile of stuff and try to find my lanterns so I can celebrate it tomorrow HK-style (the Taiwan they don't light lanterns, just firecrackers)... aw, would love to have a cellophane goldfish lantern, or a starfruit shaped lantern... For all those celebrating this awesome festival, please eat lots of mooncakes for me!