Monday, October 24, 2005

learning to be

The world is ever changing, so why am I so annoyed when things change? Recently my pastor has been talking about having a revival in our hearts, and it was just something I needed to hear. Secretly I've been craving to see it happen in church and to have the leader sound it out was so encouraging. Even before Phil spoke about it, I felt that God was telling me it had to start from my own heart, my hunger, my desire and my desperation for Him. And throughout the R^se Conference at church (Wednesday to Friday last week) the message was confirmed time and time again. And I know God has been doing amazing things in other people's lives not just my own, there is something stirring in the spiritual realm, in the atmosphere. I've been listening to Tom Read's Desperation Song lyrics and it has helped me pray and meditate. I have come to realise (well more like remember) if I want to see change, change needs to start from me...

Monday, October 17, 2005

three more weeks of uni

I can't believe that I only have another three more weeks left of uni and need to complete an assignment and an exam and I've finished my course! I liked what Serg said the other day to his tutor (loosely translated) "...if only I could submit pictures as my essay" Yeah wish those thousand-worded pictures could help me out too with my 50% essay. Below are some non-essay related pictures taken this week.

It was my sister and my dad's birthday on Tuesday (they share the same birthday) so we had lunch buffet at the Hyatt, ate soooooooo much... Sarah also got to meet members of Simple Plan and All American Rejects while queuing up for food... what a bonus!

sarah on her birthday next to our japanese cherry blossom & getting ready to go out is a gravity-defying experience

And here are the pictures taken from my camera on Saturday at Samn's Musical Stereo-Genre Type Party!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

this one is for you liz

... got this from Liz (this is supposingly a LiveJournal thing...)

Rules of the game:

Post 5 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.

My turn:

  • I am legally blind (in special needs education terms - extremely visually impaired/ challenged) without my glasses or contact lens.
  • There have been quite a few times where I've dragged everything I needed and got myself all ready for a drive, only to discover that the most essential element - the car key is still at home... needless to say it required me to run back into the house to get the keys.
  • I am very pathetic with remembering lyrics.
  • One day many many years ago I decided my sister needed to change her hairstyle so I cut her hair into a bob... it shocked the living daylights out of mom and Sarah hasn't had short hair since then!
  • I sometimes find random boys in my backyard... searching for their beloved tennis or footy ball so they can continue their game with their buddy across the road) my conclusion - my backyard is a good ball target especially the roof...
Your turn: (I'm just randomly naming 5... but you are all welcome to cut + paste, edit & tag too!)
elranchorelaxo crew

Thursday, October 06, 2005

how to become a pick up artist

I read this article on yesterday and found it very very interesting and amusing at the same time. For those who can't be stuffed to click the hyperlink, the article is about a review of the book called 'The Game' by Neil Strauss who writes about the things he has learnt about the pickup community and provides some 'useful' social skills. Towards the end of the article all I could think of was the quote from Napoleon Dynamite, 'girls only wanna have boyfriends who have great skills'. Honestly I don't know how much the author has to offer as I haven't read the book but would be interesting to see the results if any. Haha anyway read the article or even better get a hold of a copy of the book and let me know what you think! Jess recently wrote about whether chivalry was still alive and if it was still an important skill to have... made me think... after a successful pickup is chivalry still needed? lots of food for thought...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

young adults retreat 2005

This is going to be a rather short post. I'm still digesting everything that happened at the retreat that happened over the past weekend at Serpentine. I had a wonderful group of girls living in my dorm and had a great time getting to know some of the girls better. I'm not normally one to be able to absorb sermons, but I felt what Paul, Aly and Heather spoke about was very relevant to me and made me think lots. The key phrase I got out of it - "To be expectant". Guess I'm being quite vague but I hope the pictures from my camera gives you a slight insight to some of the things that happened in the retreat. Here are a couple:

BTW for those who weren't able to read my previous post and thought it was all gobbledygook, don't worry, it was just me off on a random tangent in Chinese.