Sunday, August 06, 2006


The theme at Riverview for the month of July was 'A Generous Life', and Phil concluded the month's theme with his sermon on 'Seven Keys to Building Our Generous World'... Here are the seven keys:
  1. Get permission (to prosper)
  2. Know your priorities (giving our first to God)
  3. Develop a plan (especially our financial future)
  4. It starts with work (be diligent and self-motiviated)
  5. Plant before your eat (storing up for the future)
  6. Be frugal (being wise with your money)
  7. Be patient (be disciplined and content)
It's quite interesting, as I have been thinking about how to use my money more wisely, and how I was to also to become more generous with my life in general.... and that sermon just totally blew my mind.... it really made me think lots, challenging me with my priorities and my planning techniques or the lack of tactics I've got for it.... (I think you can podcast the sermons these days on the Riverview website)

Anyway, what else has been happening with me? I've joined the gym at the department of education and training (where I am currently working), and the best thing is it's free!!! God totally answered my prayer... I really wanted to join a gym but didn't want to fork out $60 each month knowing that I wouldn't be going to it every single day... and now I get to go for zero dollars!!! yippee!

Here are the latest things I've discovered and is loving:
- Francine Rivers - read 'Redeeming Love' and just finished 'A Lineage of Grace' (amazing books)
- Robbie Seay Band
- Shane & Shane - Upstairs
- Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar (serves delicious coffee and has brown sugar cubes!)
- Gelato Amico (yummy hand-made gelato served so generously that you can't even see the cone & is found in the heart of the city)
- This blog I found called Print & Pattern ... it's got some very beautiful kitschy patterns.... I love it!
- Sanna Annukka (the illustrator for keane's latest album 'Under the Iron Sea')

patterns from 'print & pattern' + keane's new album cover