Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas

I passed my driving assessment today! 25 hours of the log book and a hazard perception test and I'll be on my Ps! Woohoo! What a great Christmas present for myself! Will be singing in the choir for the first time tonight in the Christmas Eve services (Theme: Christmas meets the Castle) at church. The drama team have done an outstanding job of an adaptation of the movie ('The Castle'), I watched the rehearsal last night, and it was hilarious! Finished all my Christmas shopping, so I'm going to relax and enjoy this festive season now!


Sunday, December 19, 2004

the ridiculous

I've got a cold! Yes it's summertime now! I'm not too sure how I got it, but I guess it gives me a good excuse to rest, reflect and stay at home (meanwhile Sarah has gone to the beach and it's a darn good day for the beach, what a bummer for me). Finally got my new bed 2 days ago, so I now sleep in my own room (yes the pink coloured room), my brother's grey room is going to miss Sarah and I's presence. Ooh, I'm going for my driving test on Friday (Christmas Eve), really pray that I pass!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

utterly exhausted

Had a very very productive week last week and I still haven't recovered. My family (except moses who's still in Sydney) + 6 other relatives went down south to Margaret River and Karri Valley for 4 days! It was a fantastic trip, got to spend time with my family; eating, eating, and more eating; checked out some wineries, the cheese factory, the soap factory; went hiking, canoeing and swimming; etc. Straight after the trip, Sarah and I went to the Young Adults' end of year bash - the River Cruise... lots of dancing and everyone looked very very nice that evening. Saturday and Sunday went by way too quickly, and so the week continues... I still haven't recovered. Still tired and now have a sore throat to add more intensity to my already aching body. I guess it doesn't help that the weather has been rather crazily hot too, it was 41.5C yesterday... I was melting so badly. Ooh on a more exciting note, Sarah and I got accepted into the choir officially. That means we will be able to sing fo the Christmas services! We're pretty stoked about it! Hmmm I'll post some pics of last week's happenings later... good night!

Friday, November 26, 2004

being 25

Has there been much change now that I have turned 25 (yes, I'm constantly reminded that I'm over a quarter of a century old) Well I still feel the same way, talk the same, and although I'm pretty sure I've gained a couple more pounds... I'm still generally relatively similar. Thought I'd share some pictures of my first week of being 25. I had a party at home on Saturday night with my relatives and friends, it turned out to be a pretty big thing! There were heaps of food too. One thing that struck me most was that it was rather strange having my birthday on a hot day... I'm used to having my birthday in autumn. Sunday was a birthday party for a girl from church, and a whole bunch of us went down to the riverside and chilled out for an entire day before the 6pm service. I got to go biscuiting (kindda like water skiing, but you sit in giant rubber rings) which was heaps of fun, and got to sunbathe and actually turned a few shades darker (something that hasn't happened to me in the longest time). And I also got to catch up with Maree and Daniel on Wednesday - we took a stroll along Shelley River, and if you look closely at the picture of Maree and I, you'll even be able to spot the sparse skyscrapers in Perth's CBD. A pretty awesome first week, 51 more of those to come!

high school reunion! + Marj & Jay - my beautiful friends from Young Adults

my beloved cousins + Yoshi, Anna & Ruth

my crazy cell group + the boys biscuiting

the painless way to get abs - draw them in with zinc + in the process of browning!

maree and i next to the shelley river + daniel and maree

Friday, November 19, 2004


Guess who I met last night? Lolly (who flew in yesterday morning) and I went to Riverview's New Comer's Night last night, we arrived a little earlier, so we grabbed a drink and plopped ourselves in the nearest seating arrangement. The event was about to begin and as I turned my head towards the entrance, who did I see... MAREE HERATH and baby Daniel from The Vine Christian Fellowship HK! We were both amazed that we found each other. I knew that Maree and her family were going to move back to Perth even before I left HK but never got her contacts. I had tried to get her details off others and her likewise about me but no one responded back to us. It was just a divine encounter! I mean what are the chances of me bumping into her. Here are the side details... I had been wanting to attend a New Comer's Night for a while now (the event only occurs once every 3-4 months) and I had already missed 2 of these events because I wasn't able to make it both times due to various reasons. Maree has only been to Riverview Church for 6 weeks and heard about the church from Kate Bowen-Jones. I attend the Sunday 6pm service, whereas Maree has been checking out the Sunday 11am one. Think about it, if I had attended a New Comer's Night previously, I wouldn't have gone last night. I wouldn't have bumped into her at church cuz we go to different services. And even if we were in the same service, there's a slim chance of us actually seeing each other cuz there are lots and lots of people at the services. There just isn't such a thing as a lucky coincidence! I feel incredibly blessed to have connected back with Maree and looking forward to catching up with her soon!

I'll back track... Last Sunday, my family and I went abalone catching with some of my parents' friends. Coming from HK where abalone is all the rage and ranked highly in the eyes of seafood lovers, we were pretty pumped to actually catch these things ourselves. We only got 2 licenses among us 4... each license is restricted to 20 abalones per day. The abalone season around Perth's metropolitan area is from November to mid-December and only on Sundays... so it's only 6 catches possible. Anyway Sarah and I managed to join dad and the uncles out on the rocks and used screwdrivers to pry the abalones off the rocks. I have a new found respect for abalone catchers... it's pretty rough and dangerous out there! I got swept off by a couple of waves and now sport some new bruises and scratches around my body, Sarah lost a flip-flop (not to self: wear enclosed shoes next time!), dad lost a screwdriver. The regulations say you can only catch abalones that are larger than 60mm, so it makes the catch so lucrative. I was able to catch a couple pretty big ones. There were lots of Asians at the beach (typical Asians all stocking up on abalone for the year). The conclusion of the catch - awesome! Hoping to be able to go again next week.

everyone working hard! & my catch of the day

On a side comment, I received these links a few days ago and I loved this and also this. Although I haven't watched Super Size Me (I've heard lots about it), I don't think it'll deter me from going to Maccas. I agree with Cliff, stop playing the blame game, we've been given choices, make them wisely!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

ancient? old?

I'm sitting here in front of the computer because I can't sleep... must be due to the many coca-colas I had at Yoshi and JP's apartment tonight (plus the tea before that!) I'm supposed to wake up around 5am to go and fish for abalone with the family... ooh I reckon it's going to be painful! Is it from ageing?

Hanging out at Brando's after Young Adults on Friday night, the conversation topic that came up time and time again was about being "ancient" and "old"... I think it was probably cuz we all celebrated a guy's 25th birthday and everyone else from the group are mainly between the age of 18-21. Gosh I thought (and declared out loud), I was being catergorised under the "ancient and old" heading... how horrific!

Like Ruth, I have been finding myself thinking about turning the age of twenty-five. I guess there are definitive years in our lives... Age 18 - you can get your permanent ID card in HK, you're officially considered an adult, you get to vote, you can start driving a car, and for me it was the year I went to uni. Age 21 - gee I don't know, but it's the year you throw the biggest party, I guess that makes you even more of an adult, and for me that was the year I graduated from uni and started my first permanent job. Age 25 - I get the impression that people are expecting great things to happen once you reach this age, like have a true calling (area you really like to work, commit yourself in), have a special relationship with someone, be extremely independent, earn packets of money, to be focused (or at least look semi like that).

The reality for me... a girl asked me on Friday night how I felt about not being in a relationship (after the age question). At first I was a little taken back cuz I had only met her about 20 mins before, but as I answered her I felt that I was being reaffirmed - that I was secure about myself and with my relationship with God that I wouldn't dare add a relationship in my life that would compromise that situation. I had done it before when I was extremely insecure and just needed lots of physical contact (in my first and second year of uni) in the end I was almost shattered emotionally and spiritually, and I probably hurt many people in the process. Sure I'd love to be in a relationship, perhaps find the man and get married, but it's alright for now. After finding out that I wasn't going to be doing speech pathology next year, I was initially pretty bummed. And as I talked to other people about my situation concerning my future, I was inspired (thanks Liz K + Asti), so I put my foot down and applied to do the graduate diploma course in primary education next year. I have to thank Joe and Katie who were my angels that checked my personal statement I had to hand in. I have yet to know the result... but I feel that I have put my fear of rejection back, and stepped out in faith, and I'm at peace about it. I can't control my life, there are too many factors that I can't grasp, all I can do is surrender. I believe that my God will be able to handle it just fine! As for turning twenty-five... I'm really looking forward to it! It's going to heaps of fun! (what's the point in using anti-ageing creams when you can't see the difference on young baby skin?! - it's a challenge!)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

settling in

It has been over a month since I last updated and so much had happened in between then. My family and I moved into our house. It's quite an adjustment from having lived in apartments all my life. Been learning to garden, clean the pool and the fish pond, etc... all very very mundane things that consume heaps of time. And we now have internet access - FINALLY!

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here in Perth, and what on earth God wants me to do here. Over the past month this question went through my head a million and one times. I didn't get into the graduate course I wanted to take. I panicked, I feared, I prayed, I felt peace from God, I let it go (perhaps it's not the time, or it just isn't supposed to be) I'm now working at church, and it has been good meeting lots of new people. I joined the choir (after an audition! how scary is that!). Cell group has been good. Hmm I'm glad with what I have now... I guess.

Church had its annual RISE conference (think Hillsongs WA-style), and this year was awesome. There were some awesome speakers: Wayne Alcorn, Sy Rogers, John & Helen Burns, Greg Laurie, Phil Baker, Parachute Bane and Marina Prior. I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the registration, so I was able to work and also able to sit in for most of the sessions. The theme this year was "Great Expectations". What was interesting was that the speakers were all talking about past relationships and relationships in the now and dreams. I felt God was speaking to me about my past. Previously when my sister and I would talk about our past, she'd be able to speal on about the events that happened and I wouldn't be able to remember a thing. I've been praying that I'd be able to remember more about my past as I realised something must have happened in the past to stop me from remembering such memories. Over the 3 days of the conference, I felt that I was given some insight about my past. It was some pretty full on stuff. All I can say now is that I can't control everything and have things figured out all the time... God's the one in control. I can do 'ministry/things' with all my heart but without God, it wouldn't work one bit!

So I'm trying not to worry about what's in the future, but at the same time dream dreams and let my dreams flow out and pour it out to God and let Him touch them.

Monday, September 13, 2004

it has been interesting!

Since my last post, I ventured out and the past week became extemely busy!

My cell group and I went to The Hangout Perth's largest indoor rock climbing facility. It was really awesome to be able to hang out with my cell members outside of church. And it was even more fun to see all of us trying to tackle some pretty crazy looking surfaces! Hope to be able to show you some pictures another day...

I started working at Riverview's church office on Tuesday. I was pretty nervous at first... (cuz I didn't and still don't know many people at church), but I was really blessed to be able to work with a wonderful lady called Paulina. I'm now working in the Senior Minister's Department which basically helps Pastor Phil Baker organise his schedule and the events what involve him in it. I've been doing data entry for starters, and it's been pretty fun... One thing I did notice - Perhaps because the office is so big and perhaps there are always new people/ volunteers running around helping out, most of the permanent staff don't even realise you're there or recognise you or are even bothered to get to know you. All these "perhaps"... I really hope that I noticed wrongly!

Anyway, after I started work on Tuesday, my family and I started painting in our new house. That was when absolute madness began... we had been rushing to finish painting before the new carpet comes in tomorrow. Sarah and I were doing most of the painting while my mother was acting as the chauffeur and also the person in charge of masking all the edges around the rooms, dad helped out whenever he could. It was extremely physically excruciating for me, I got carpet burns on my knees (I did not know that could happen), swollen fingers and arms, sore muscles and bruises everywhere, not to mention the paint in my hair, plus severe lack of sleep due to us painting till late at night and having to wake up very early to continue painting... and had to look decently normal on Thursday morning when I went to work. And I'm glad that it's almost over, pretty much all the rooms have been completed (only got a few more walls to recoat... not so stressful now)... , and the carpet is coming tomorrow... and we'll be out of our apartment by Friday! woohoo FINALLY!

Taking a break from the painting, I went to Youth Alive with Anna yesterday (along with my sister and my cousins). WOW there were 6,000+ people last night in the newly renovated Perth Convention Centre (the largest Youth Alive ever for Western Australia). It was a little chaotic, but the fact that so many people turned up to this event and many gave their lives to the Lord was just amazing. Poor Ruth had been working for the event all day and was absolutely shattered by the end of the night... well it was well worth it! The youth is our future... investing in them equals investing into your future!

My random post has to end here... I apologise if this post sounds all over the place... I blame the paint fumes!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

should be interesting

I seem to be doing quite a few new things these days... and here's a list the new things I will be doing in the near future:
  • Indoor rock climbing (going with my cell group tonight for our cell social)
  • Becoming a partner at Riverview Church
  • Volunteering twice a week at Riverview's church office... helping out with the senior ministers' dept. (what have I got myself into)
  • Auditioning to join the church's choir
  • Painting my new house

More interesting things: this is for the cat lovers & this is a very cool world record & the DIY double-lidded eye

Thursday, August 19, 2004

random quirks

Just thought it might be nice to share this with you.

And a new way to carry your child?

Well he seems to think it's a good idea.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the power of persuasion

Although I've been attending church for quite a few months now, I've not actually met any one there (as in friends). I've been meaning to join a cell group to get to start fellowshipping with people at church. I was hanging out with Anna on Monday and she persuaded me to write an email to the church office regarding the matter. I was a little hesitant but wrote it anyway. I got a response the next day and a phone call to confirm it too. Woohoo so I finally went to a cell group at Riverview. I have to say I'm so glad that I went. I can now say that I know people at Riverview church. Even got to sit with them at church tonight! Thanks Anna! (btw Rachel, I'm still working on the name!)

It's been great being able to spend heaps of time with my sister and my family as well. My sister is super wise and has taught me so much. Love you Sarah!

Oh here's a random carrot song & some recent pics...

coffee with the Sunset Coast girls & the Subway girls

mom acting like a silly elephant & my cheeky dad

my brother Moses & Sarah and her anzac biscuit

yumcha & jan and sarah

my beloved Lari the teacher & mmm... Dome's flat white

my cousin Min & Anna and the riverview

by the river & outside my new house with my cousin Zhen

Monday, August 09, 2004

in the eye of the storm

Been in Perth for almost 6 months now... quite a scary thought! At the moment, my family is starting to settle into Perth life. Our new house is now in the process of being renovated. Mom is getting used to long distance driving and reading street maps. Dad is a little more relaxed now that mom's in town. My sister has already anchored herself a job at Subway. Only now do I begin to have a deeper ambition to go back into the workforce and also go back to school.

Time and time again, people have asked me what I've been doing with my time, and I've been answering quite honestly... 'not much' (as in nothing spectacularly exciting). It's pretty shocking for some people, especially people who are used to constantly doing something (like life at HK pace). Perhaps I haven't been totally honest, I have been doing things, just not what people think as major things if you get my drift... I've been cleaning the house; cooking; washing laundry; being a tour guide taking mom and Sarah around town; hanging out with my cousins and my family; going to church - which I love; etc.

People also keep asking me when I'm going to be driving by myself, when I'm going to get a job, when I'm going to go back to uni... so many questions, that even I don't know how to explain. I'd describe my current mode as stationery yet prepared to accelerate. Although the external happenings in my life look rather stationery or clueless as some may like to call it, I find myself itching to move... Itching to move, yet not knowing where to step towards. I know that God has given me a purpose for my life. And I also know that there are dream thieves that would like to snatch the purpose and dream away from me. Robert Ferguson from Hillsongs spoke about 2 weeks ago at church about the topic and it really hit home for me. I found myself challenging my own motives & attitudes, I really want them to be approved by God. I don't want me to be the obstruction to my life purpose. Sometimes I get frustrated and I cry, cuz I want to move, I want to do things, I want to go places, but I feel grounded. I have to be honest with myself... I'm not perfect. Recently on many occasions I have felt God smiling at me when I have been so annoyed and irritated at things and the wise words "Patience, my dear!" keep coming up! Haha believe you me, I am learning...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

just a few pics from Sydney

Happy scrolling!

The famous sydney harbour bridge + my cousin Nancy and I

Look what I found at Bondi Beach + a view of Sydney from Centrepoint

The ever gorgeous Mandylee and I + Sydney's town hall

Sydney's skyline from Taronga Zoo + Rhonda and Abbie

A curious Derek + a smiley Dan

Beautiful HKers - Laura, Yugo, Susan & DJ + Ann & Flic

The queue before a Hillsong Night Rally + my roommate Davina and I

Mmm... Karen enjoying corn at the Rocks + opera at the aquashell

The night lights of Sydney + waiting for the Night Rally to begin!

Mark appreciating the gift from his 'angel' + Abbie & the olympic fire urn

Monday, July 19, 2004

family reunited

It's been strange. My whole entire family is now living in the small apartment dad and I have been living in for the past few months - in PERTH.  The situation is pretty crammed as you can probably imagine. Lots of adjustments. We did a bit of a family trip thing down to Margaret River... didn't do anything there but it was pretty nice. Went to Riverview together last night and then watched King Arthur at the movies (I quite liked it). I just pray that we'll be able to get along well (well it's probably just me... my impatience and my attitude).

Sunday, July 18, 2004

sydney in review

Where do I start.

Sydney was amazing. I was such a tourist. Hillsong conference was awesome. I've yet to fully digest all that I've heard and learnt. Bought heaps of sermon CDs so hopefully it'll help me process it all down. After the conference some of the
180 and SNAers stayed in the city for a few extra days, and we did all the touristy things...  went to Cockle Bay and watched an opera performance at the aquashell which had a firework show at the end (very anticlimax compared to HK Chinese New Year ones), lots of shopping, Taronga zoo, the opera house, more shopping, etc. (well at least I shopped lots)
It was really nice to have been able to meet up with lots of people from Hong Kong. I love you all very much. I think it's been pretty emotional for me, to have to say bye again to all these lovely people. But I know that God's ever humourous and was saying... Ann why are you so sad... I told you... Perth! I feel like I went back to square one! Not too bright I am... but I'm still learning!
Oh yeah btw, Jae did end up going to Hillsong's City church with Flic and I, and I think he actually enjoyed the service.

Rhonda was also a very amazing tour guide, we went to so many different locations, walked heaps and she didn't complain one bit... and she still came out to meet up with me on my last day in Sydney even though she was ill... love ya Rhondalove and thanks heaps! ($5 Jap beef curry rice rocks!)

Friday, July 02, 2004

sydney tidings

Rhonda has been an awesome tour guide. Since arriving on Tuesday morning, after catching up on the 2 hour jet lag, sleep deprivation from the flight, and settling into my brother's apartment 3 minutes away from Central station... I've been playing the tourist.

For all the HK people coming over to Sydney, Rhonda and I have found KRISPY KREME in the city! I think you can actually check Rhonda's site for the evidence. It's been tried and tested by ourselves and my brother and his flatmates... the verdict - APPROVED!

The main places I've visited:
- Bondi Junction
- Bondi Beach
- Chinatown
- Museum of Contemporary Art
- Krispy Kreme
- Boost Juice (various locations)
- Manly Beach
- Art Gallery of NSW
- Centrepoint aka Sydney Tower
- Coogee Beach
- My brother's uni (University of Technology Sydney)

I didn't get to spend much time with my brother cuz he left early Thursday morning to go back to Hong Kong to spend time with his friends and to help mom and Sarah with the house packing. But it was nice to spend the little time I had with him. And it's also really sweet of him to let me stay in his room while he's away. His flatmates are awesome too. And it was because of one of his flatemates, I got to go up to the Centrepoint with Rhonda on Thursday evening for free, just as the sun was starting to set. It was such an amazing sight to see... the Sydney landscape by day, and the nightlights when it got darker. It was such a blessing to be able to have seen it... if it wasn't for Rafael, I doubt I personally would have splurged and bought a ticket to see the wonderful view.

Anyway, tonight was even more fantastic. Rhonda and I met up with Flic at Central, and we went to the Hillsong church in the city. They have a program for the 18-25s called Powerhouse. We dropped our bags off in the auditorium and hung out in the foyer for a bit, and when we returned to our bags, guess who we found next to them?... MATT SNELGROVE! We were all shocked! Powerhouse was really wonderful and I felt really encouraged and excited by seeing over 400 youths hanging out together on a Friday night at church. We also got to meet Pastor John Snelgrove, his wife Sandra and Granddad at the end of the night. It was really thrilling seeing people I hadn't seen in months (Just a glimpse of what it will be like on Monday when the HK gang come over to join us for Hillsong)

I'm now very fired up to meet up with everyone from HK, and really looking forward to an energised week and a bit!

Oh, I better sign off now, but before I do, I just wanted to say I'm currently using my brother's flatmate's laptop. It was really nice of Jae to let me use it, cuz I was just going to go downstairs to the internet cafes and check my mail. This boy has been going to church with my brother occassionally. And tonight he asked if I wanted to go with him to church on Sunday cuz he hasn't gone in a while.... how awesome is that! I'll keep you posted.

Monday, June 28, 2004

heading off to Sydney...

Here's some random mish-mash...

I'm going to Sydney tonight. It's going to be pretty exciting! Will be there for just over 2 weeks. Going to be staying at my brother's place in the city for a week before meeting up with the Hong Kong gang to go to the Hillsong conference together... woohoo living in the city will be lots of fun!

hmm... I forgot to mention that last Saturday was Riverview's live worship recording for its latest CD recording called Encounter. It was a really awesome experience to be able to worship for over two hours with the whole church. And on Tuesday night the church and pastor Phil were in an interview on the ABC in a program kindda like 60 minutes. The interview was pretty positive and was talking about church and the modern world and perhaps the two can actually be compatible.

As I've been reading Purpose Driven Life, I've been learning about life applications. Man I tell you it's been really tough for me. Some of the issues the book has been discussing have been issues that I thought I had dealt with in my life but somehow have crept back up again. And being the stubborn person I am, I tried to ignore it till God prodded me so hard I had to give in. It's been an interesting experience for me. To be humble (IMHO) means being squished to a pulp, trying to gasp for a breathe of air and wonder what had happened. Then only to find out that the whole time the focus is not supposed to be on myself but others. And I still have so much to learn! sigh!

I'm excited about the 180 forum being back online.

Anyway, I'm going to miss Rachel. When I return from my 2 week holiday, she'd have flown back to South Carolina. She's been an amazing friend, full of insight, wisdom, encouragement and tonnes of joy... gosh and I think we just yap on and on every time we chat, sometimes at bubble tea sessions, over asian food, beer, the ywam canteen, at '228' (Rachel's ywam abode) with random people dropping by to say hi. As a last get-together, we went to the Hyatt Regency for its lunch buffet today with Rachel's mother who flew in yesterday after a 30+ hour journey from the US... we ate like kings! Had way too many oysters, prawns, crab legs, stick date pudding etc.

mmm... Rachel enjoying her bubble tea + the '228' resident and Shaeffen the bread thief

Happy Birthday Rachel - 30th June! love ya and have a safe trip back to the US!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

r.i.p. little Muz

Just found out from Nathan Baker that (little) Muz who I had the priviledge of knowing at Deakin Hall has passed away on Thursday after 7 weeks in intensive care, due to pneumonia complications during his chemotherapy battling against cancer. He will be greatly missed by me and all the other Deakinites. I will remember how he always spread sunshine and laughter. It will be the biggest Deakin Hall reunion on Wednesday for the funeral service. May God bless and comfort his family during this time.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

horrible way to start your Saturdays

Recently I've been realising that every Saturday morning I wake up to horrible music... Last week it was really painful country music from next door. Today, it's my upstairs neighbour with equally bad taste - awful folk started the morning, now it's new age-y gothic type music that just seems to resonate through the whole entire floor! Shudder shudder! It's really creepy sounding. And you thought living in a topnotch environment would mean slightly more sophisticated music listeners! Hmm I think I'll just have to counter it by blasting my own music while I busy myself cleaning the apartment!

Dad left this morning to go back to HK for a week. I'm quite jealous that he's going back. But I'm not jealous of his jam-packed schedule which includes a conference in China!

the riverview from my apartment