Thursday, January 25, 2007

youth camp 2007

This year's youth camp was powerful. The theme was about loving God and loving people... the youth really took hold of the message and the outcome - mindblowing. To see the youth desire to seek God and to put love into action was just incredible. The worship element during camp was intense too... so intense that it carried over into the weekend services and also the weekly church staff meeting. It's been a total answer to my prayer (something I've been praying for over two and a half years)... thank you God. Anyway I've finally uploaded the pics I took with my new camera onto my flickr... just click on the pic below to see them.
As a response to the message at camp, some of the youth immediately set up a myspace... check it out... if you're in Perth, come to Riverview on Sunday morning and expect to be love attacked by the youth.

Monday, January 15, 2007

new discoveries

As it was rather quiet at the office during the Christmas and New Year period I was allowed to surf the internet for a bit... I found some pretty interesting links:
- 180 has started as a whole young adults' ministry on a one-year bible reading plan - I'm hoping that I can follow it... really want to up my bible intake this year.
- A news story about Hip Hop Gospel... a pretty interesting approach to reaching out to the younger generation... I'd like to find out more about it.
- I also unearthed more design websites - one of those was a former uni classmate's shop called Moose and it's got lots of amazing Western Australian designs.
- When Hong Kong's broadband was down for a short while due to an earthquake in Taiwan affecting the underocean cabling, my poor friend Davina wasn't able to access her virtual pets, so I had the priviledge of feeding her horse and tiger... it was quite an exciting experience for me, I can totally see why people are hooked on it.

I also got some new things recently:
- Nokia 6233 silver mobile - my old one was dying on me and the phone plan was rather crummy...
- Canon ixus 850 camera - love it cuz it's got the image stabiliser device! but have realised how outdated I am with technology... so many functions yet to figure out how to use (phone and camera)... sigh!
anyway something less technical...
- Cetaphil moisturiser - yes it's summer here but it's also super dry.
- my full drivers licence

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

into the new year

I tried posting on New Year's Eve... but I think blogger had a few issues... anyway hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! For me, I was able to spend a week and a half with my relatives for the Christmas period. It was the first time in about 7 years that all my cousins have been together in the same place. My family got to see my cousin Sharon's son Ben for the first time too. I think the cousins have developed a love for playing poker as well... played that game 5 days in a row!

It was my gong gong's 90th birthday on the 27th December. The 100+ guests feasted on a 10-course Chinese banquet and even got to see the Ong cousins in action, singing Billy Joel's "Just the way you are" (not that my gong gong could hear us as he's pretty deaf and he was busy chatting with his friends! haha)

I gave in to celebrating New Year's this year (or was it last year?!) after much persuasion by Gayle and Corina... To consolidate my decision to celebrate the new year I even booked to have my make up done at Kit Cosmetics. Anyway I'm glad I didn't veg at home this year... it was actually fun... I went down to Rockingham for New Years.

Sorry I didn't take many pictures during the holiday period (was too busy eating)... will hopefully be able to upload some pics soon though. I'll leave you with a few pics from my last week of 2006.