Saturday, March 24, 2007

currently loving

Things I'm currently loving:
  • Hillsong United 'Unidos Permanecemos' - Spanish version of United We Stand... it has been helping me meditate on the lyrics instead of just rote singing... and learning more Spanish.
  • The new Kids Love Beef TV ad - Sarah and I are totally loving mermaids at the moment! Gotta love the red meat!
  • George - the new passenger and travel companion in my red pony (aka the Mitsubshi Colt)... inherited from Kymmie. Reminds me of the purple people and the crew in the purple people mover back in my HK days!
  • Jin's ABC song - it gives shout outs to Vitasoy and mahjong...
  • Internet banking... the joys of modern day living = not having to travel overseas to fix up a crucial monetary redistribution... phew!
  • Comfort Creatures - this series is so hilarious... combining clay animation with vox pops.
  • Bondi Rescue - who'd have thought of recording the day to day operation of the lifeguards at Bondi Beach would become a hit series?...
  • Speaking of beaches... this is a MUST see... what a great promo!
  • My Vanity Fair magazine borrowing programme - thank you Bryce for letting me borrow your VFs.
  • Jamie at Home - what a genius is Jamie Oliver?!... that guy has the ability of turning a traditional roast into something gourmet... that show always ends up making me hungry!... and inspiring me to have a veggie patch at home.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

what a week!

The amazing Amanda organised a surprise 30th birthday party for Kym Rolle on Friday night. A few of us were at the Youth program beforehand but got to it later... heard that Kym found out about the 'surprise' before so I guess it wasn't too surprising for her. But regardless it was a good party and it was tonnes of fun... click on pic below for evidence.

Saturday was Gayle's annual gifts' day... we went to the zoo and oggled the animals... love the tortoises. Jess' son Gabe had quite an educational day I reckon... learning about how mud is good for the skin as it helps make it tighter (thanks Till!) It was also Bryce and Kym's documentary launch at the Imax Theatre. You have got to check this doco out, it is really powerful and impacting. The evening was topped off with a boogeying session at Benny's... GTs.

jess and till + till tina nick with a numbat

kym and bryce before the doco launch + aaron and chantelle

gayle till simona + the crew introducing the documentary

As Kym had decided to return to the Gold Coast, we tried to fit in as much as we possibly could to hang out with the crazy super multi-talented gorgeous girl in the last couple of days... dinners... helping her pack... and saying bye at the airport...

mrs rolle gayle serg kym + kym and mike

becoming a bride of christ + things kym found under her mattress

saying good bye at the airport
Kym 姐姐, 我愛妳!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

it was an eventful february

It seems that I only post once a month these days... will have to try and rectify that situation. The main issue was that I had some problems finding a server to house my photos online... I hope I've solved it by using imagestation once again. Anyway some of the February happenings:

Valentine's Day this year had a slightly different twist. My few of my friends decided to host an event called 'Love Stinks Picnic' at Kings' Park, the infamous 'romantic' location for lovers. It was a really amazing event... over 160 people turned up... money was raised for charities in Africa... there were a few guys there strumming their guitars and singing... pink turds on the green grass... click pic below for more pics...

Happy belated Chinese New Year - the year of the glorious pig. Mom really got into the festivities this year... there are red lanterns and chains of paper fire crackers all over the house, plus the 'chuen hups' including a kitschy red plastic apple full of assorted snacks. So basically my house is stacked up with snacks at the moment.

I went to the Boyz II Men concert! The group (now only 3 left) are still sounding incredible... their harmonies are swoon-worthy. Listening to Boyz II Men made me think back of my high school days when I used to go to my friend Kelly's house after school and have milk and cookies while listening to the boys sing... those were the days! The Boyz also gave out some red roses... Kym was one of the lucky few who received one! KC & Jo Jo performed too... loved their songs even if KC was totally wasted on stage... Wow what a great night... shame that I had to work the next day!!

My friend Serg arrived safely back from his long trip away from home... the el rancho relaxo crew along with a couple extras went out for dinner to celebrate his homecoming. It's great to have him back in Perth.

Boyz II Men + KC & Jo Jo

Gayle and Kym with the rose + dinner with Serg

Anyway currently loving:
- Dried mangoes
- My cell group 'Mounts Bay Crewbies' starting back up
- Kym's new mango hand cream
- Coffee

Really looking forward to:
- Bryce and Kym's new documentary "Child in Charge"
- my eyes recovering from alleged allergic conjunctivitis