Sunday, May 23, 2004

my God loves mobile phones too!

My friend Rachel who I met in Hong Kong FINALLY got to meet up here in Perth yesterday. She's doing a course here and have just recently come back from an overseas trip. It was pretty trippy how we were living in the same city but because she didn't have direct access to a phone we had to communicate via email! Anyway we got to talk on the phone the morning before we met up and when she mentioned that it was pretty hard to communicate with people here without a phone, I confidently told her I would give her my old phone to use. When I checked out the phone it wouldn't switch on. I figured the battery was probably dead cuz I hadn't used it in a while. So I plugged it into the adapter to charge it, but I couldn't see any reaction to it... I started getting a little figgety then and tried using another adapter, the reaction... the phone still wasn't charging. Uh oh, I thought "man I told Rachel I would give her my phone but this phone is totally busted, what am I going to do!" Anyway as I was getting ready to go out, I was reminded that back in HK once when I prayed for my phone it was back in action within no time... and I remembered the same thing with Lolly and Mandy's phones. So I decided to pray for my phone, I really wanted to be able to give it to Rachel. The phone still didn't switch on though... I was quite bummed out... anyway as I continued with my getting ready to go out routine, something in me just told me to plug the phone into the socket and leave it for a while, and so I did... After I finished getting ready, I went and checked on the phone... guess what.... it was CHARGING! yay! I was sooooo thrilled. Some people may believe that it was just me using my extra brain cell, but I believe that God gave me that extra bit of wisdom and helped get my phone working again.

Later in the afternoon I met up with Rachel in the city and I was able to give her the phone! We got her a phone card, and now she's a true city gal! Wow it was so awesome being able to hang out and catch up with her.

Rachel & I

I was supposed to go to the footy at Subi with Ruth & Anna yesterday too, but it was a plan postponed... till the next game!

My cousin Syl and I went out with her colleagues last night, it was the first time I went to a pub/ club in Perth... was very fun hanging out with them!

Liz, Cousin Syl, Ashley & Shelley


Anna said...

Annnnnn! we have will definately do something soon! Whens the next foot game??

Thats sooo great about the phone!! God is truely great!! and its true, its the little things that give us FAITH:)

BTW, did you go to the Aberdeen with your cousin? i think i recongnise that wall paper!!!:P

annong said...

I know. I still can't believe about the phone! And for sure Ruth, you and I will hang out more often! Wow, good observation... I think that's the name of the place... I thought it was just called "the Deen"

Anna said...

LOL oh i used to be the 'Aberdeen" now its "THE DEEN"...hehe so weird I used to go there almost every week end, nice to know they still have that tacky wallpaper! Has ruth called you about Heart to heart?? u should come!!