Friday, December 24, 2004

merry christmas

I passed my driving assessment today! 25 hours of the log book and a hazard perception test and I'll be on my Ps! Woohoo! What a great Christmas present for myself! Will be singing in the choir for the first time tonight in the Christmas Eve services (Theme: Christmas meets the Castle) at church. The drama team have done an outstanding job of an adaptation of the movie ('The Castle'), I watched the rehearsal last night, and it was hilarious! Finished all my Christmas shopping, so I'm going to relax and enjoy this festive season now!



Velasque said...

congrats on the driving test.....

merry christmas
miss u loads

God bless

ruthjanine said...

Congrats ann! Hey if you want to make up those 25 hours feel free to drive down here to the beach with us! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann, Alice here. Well done mate! Does this mean you can pick me up from the airport when I come visit? *lol* Anyways, I'm very proud of you. I hope you have all the luck and good fortune in the world that you deserve for the new year. Think about yous all the time - even if I'm too slack to show it!

crif said...

woweeeee, annong on the roads!!! YIKES!!!!!!