Monday, January 17, 2005

the price of freedom

My first week of driving by myself has been extremely meaningful! For starters on my first day of being on my Ps, my friend came over to Perth from Melbourne and after hanging out with him as I drove down the road I was pulled over the road by cops for a breath test and a licence check! It was pretty hilarious, cuz I knew the cops would pick on P-platers but I didn't think it'd happen to me so soon! Been driving in the old white Ford Falcon, as it doesn't have a CD player, I've been familiarising myself with the local radio stations here... I found a Spanish programme, and also a Christian worship music station only available when in Kwinana (the southern outskirt of the city aka almost country) With the price of petrol increasing, I was very fortunate to have found a station with 88.9c price... esp beneficial cuz my car guzzles the fossil fuel. Hung out with my cousin Syl quite a few times this week which has been really great cuz she's normally very busy with work and all... and we watched Finding Neverland (totally recommend it). Also got to go to Planet Shakers (an awesome 4-day youth conference) on Friday night for the rally, I was so blessed by it... worshipping with over 2,000 people, I just felt so close to God, in a way I haven't felt in a long time, and although it was a gentle feeling, I couldn't speak for a long time after the meeting just because I was so overwhelmed.

On a quirkier note... this is something I read from Phil's blog this week which will make you reconsider if Nemo's dad was supposed to be his mother!

My brother is coming over from Sydney tomorrow to be with us for a few weeks! Can't wait to hang out with him!


Mizz Pattie said...

good to know ur enjoying yourself !!!

congrats on the driving !!!

take care
love u lots

ruthjanine said...

hey ann not sure which radio station you found but 98.5 is the christian station for perth :)

annong said...

yeah I know that 98.5 is the Christian radion station in Perth, but Vision FM 87.5 was the one I found in Kwinana (it's regional) and it actually plays worship music quite a bit, got to listen to it for about 15 mins and really liked it! :)

Anna said...

Hey Ann hows the driving going?:) when you going to come visit us hey?! :P