Sunday, February 06, 2005

happy year of the rooster

It just dawned on me this weekend, that it is Chinese New Year this coming Wednesday, the year of the rooster! Unfortunately no one over here seems to celebrate it. Plus the nice summer weather is a huge difference to the freezing New Years! I think that this year is the first year I have not been in Hong Kong to celebrate CNY. I'm thinking of all the yummy food I'm missing out on, and all the post-CNY sales, and the many packets of laisee that I will not be able to 'dau' this year!... I will not cry!

祝你新年快樂! 身體健康! 萬世如意!

1 comment:

ruthjanine said...

*hugs* no tears ann, xin nian kuai le, wo ai ni wode pengyou!