Thursday, March 03, 2005

light relief

I don't know about other people, but I know after 4 weeks of the intro course and now into my 2nd week of semester one, my brain has already turned into mush. I'm trying hard to organise my assignments and get my readings up-to-date (what a near impossible task!) Stepping aside from uni stuff... I have been able to spend time with my friends which has been really wonderful. I went to the Switchfoot concert last week, and it was just brilliant! Watched the Oscars the other night with my friends on our new plasma 42" screen, comparing our own Oscar winners on our form guides... and there must be quite a few people born in February and March cuz there seems to be birthday parties happening every weekend. Here are just a few pics from my friend Aimee's party (courtesy of Sarah's camera)

the birthday girl and i + bryce and serg

craig and sarah + me surviving uni

And here are the pictures taken on my camera at Aimee's 21st.
And this is the Mandarin ring tone that I really want on my mobile phone... and another bit of music entertainment.

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ruthjanine said...

hahaha, that ring tone is so funny! how can you get it on your phone?
so, does that mean if you get this ring tone you will never answer my calls!!! (wo bu jie)