Tuesday, March 22, 2005

a year in review

Time has gone by, and without realising it I've been in Perth for a year and seven days now. Looking back, so many things have happened (and I'm sure I've missed quite a lot out)- in chronological order: my cousin Syl's wedding, went to Melbourne for my friend Andrew's wedding & my other cousin Michelle's wedding, met up with Ruth and met Anna for the first time in person, hung out with Rachel while she was at YWAM Perth, Riverview's Encounter worship recording, went to Sydney for Hillsong 2004 conference and got to meet up with my friends from HK, Sarah and Mom moved over to Perth, started going to cell group, volunteered at the church office, painted the entire house with Sarah, moved into our new home in Leeming, started going to Youth/ Young Adults on Friday nights, joined the choir, became a partner of Riverview, found Maree at church, had my birthday, went to Karri Valley and Margaret River with my family, young adults rivercruise, was a witness at my high school friend's wedding, had our first Christmas in Perth with all my relatives, officially started singing in the choir, got my driver's licence, started uni, got a new car... God has definitely answered my prayers, He has provided me with an awesome church and friends that are amazing.

Of course, I do miss Hong Kong... my friends back there, the vine, the food, the shopping, the transportation system, the atmosphere, the place where I grew up. But I know that I'm here in Perth because He has placed me here for a reason, and I love that fact.

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Miss Tsang said...

yay!!! you are called to be here in perth if you ever were!! xx

God is awesome, and i know its been a bit of a journey for you, but keep walking - hes going to be taking you to new places!:)