Monday, October 17, 2005

three more weeks of uni

I can't believe that I only have another three more weeks left of uni and need to complete an assignment and an exam and I've finished my course! I liked what Serg said the other day to his tutor (loosely translated) "...if only I could submit pictures as my essay" Yeah wish those thousand-worded pictures could help me out too with my 50% essay. Below are some non-essay related pictures taken this week.

It was my sister and my dad's birthday on Tuesday (they share the same birthday) so we had lunch buffet at the Hyatt, ate soooooooo much... Sarah also got to meet members of Simple Plan and All American Rejects while queuing up for food... what a bonus!

sarah on her birthday next to our japanese cherry blossom & getting ready to go out is a gravity-defying experience

And here are the pictures taken from my camera on Saturday at Samn's Musical Stereo-Genre Type Party!

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odorus said...

good job Ann! I've stolen some of your shots and put it in my blog :D

the random facts post.. i'd say it's going around smoothly..