Wednesday, December 06, 2006

barefoot ball update

I arrived at the Barefoot Ball just as the sun was setting... the weather was perfect and the marvelous backdrop of the beach with the pink and blue sky in the background was simply breathtaking. A marquee was set up on the grassy part of the beach, complete with lots of food, drinks and lanterns... there were tiki torches down on the beach. It was really awesome to be able to see so many people turn up, so many people I didn't know but I manage to meet some... The generator stalled a few times during the evening, but it didn't stop us from partying. Thank you to Bridget, Chelsea and Matt, Dave and Andrea, Jono, Jason and Aaron for setting the whole shindig up and provided us with hours of food, entertainment and power! You guys are amazing!!! Gayle kindly allowed me to upload the pictures from her camera onto my flickr. Click the collage for more pics (sorry didn't take very many!)
It's just my observation, but I think Perth really strives to model itself after the eastern state cities. We now have daylight savings after much politics and debates in the parliament house, making Western Australia now GMT +09:00 for a couple months. It's supposed to help benefit the community... how? I still haven't quite figured it out but all I know is I'm finding it really funny cuz not everyone has grasped the daylight savings concept here especially the younger generation... the other day on a radio host asked the question "What time would the 7 o'clock news be after daylight savings kicks in?" and the person replied "8 o'clock!" Has daylight savings affected me? Well recently I've been waking up feeling as if I hadn't slept... but I think that has more to do with the change in season than time itself. Oh yeah one would have thought more sunlight = more time to shop... but that's so not true... the shops still close at the same time.... what a shame! :)

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