Monday, May 21, 2007

pensive: what's going on?

Three weeks into my new acting position, many hours of overtime later and I've still not quite settled into the job... but I've started enjoying the role (which is a start). To prove that nothing is permanent I recently had to apply for the job I was in before I started the acting position... confused? well basically I have to apply for my old job back.

As I was browing through news feeds I found a rather sad and disturbing news story about a father who microwaved his 2-month old baby... To make it worse the father claimed he was called to be minister by God...

I received a bulletin from a travel company and it was advertising trips to Hong Hong. It named and described a hotel that is "in Hong Kong's Chinatown, with a free shuttle to the MTR making this property in a convenient location". Can someone please explain to me what and where Chinatown is in Hong Kong????? I'm so lost...

Currently loving:
- dried mango from the Philippines
- the red leaves outside my office window
- iTunes on my work computer and headphones so I get to drown out the severely loud discussions (that are totally work unrelated ie speed dating) happening in the next pod.
- Red Rock honey mustard chips

Below are a few of my fav pics taken recently. Clockwise from top left: mussels and pizza in freo; chelsea, ann and clare at dave and andrea's wedding (thanks clare); red leaves; bdg and louwie.

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