Sunday, July 18, 2004

sydney in review

Where do I start.

Sydney was amazing. I was such a tourist. Hillsong conference was awesome. I've yet to fully digest all that I've heard and learnt. Bought heaps of sermon CDs so hopefully it'll help me process it all down. After the conference some of the
180 and SNAers stayed in the city for a few extra days, and we did all the touristy things...  went to Cockle Bay and watched an opera performance at the aquashell which had a firework show at the end (very anticlimax compared to HK Chinese New Year ones), lots of shopping, Taronga zoo, the opera house, more shopping, etc. (well at least I shopped lots)
It was really nice to have been able to meet up with lots of people from Hong Kong. I love you all very much. I think it's been pretty emotional for me, to have to say bye again to all these lovely people. But I know that God's ever humourous and was saying... Ann why are you so sad... I told you... Perth! I feel like I went back to square one! Not too bright I am... but I'm still learning!
Oh yeah btw, Jae did end up going to Hillsong's City church with Flic and I, and I think he actually enjoyed the service.

Rhonda was also a very amazing tour guide, we went to so many different locations, walked heaps and she didn't complain one bit... and she still came out to meet up with me on my last day in Sydney even though she was ill... love ya Rhondalove and thanks heaps! ($5 Jap beef curry rice rocks!)

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