Wednesday, July 21, 2004

just a few pics from Sydney

Happy scrolling!

The famous sydney harbour bridge + my cousin Nancy and I

Look what I found at Bondi Beach + a view of Sydney from Centrepoint

The ever gorgeous Mandylee and I + Sydney's town hall

Sydney's skyline from Taronga Zoo + Rhonda and Abbie

A curious Derek + a smiley Dan

Beautiful HKers - Laura, Yugo, Susan & DJ + Ann & Flic

The queue before a Hillsong Night Rally + my roommate Davina and I

Mmm... Karen enjoying corn at the Rocks + opera at the aquashell

The night lights of Sydney + waiting for the Night Rally to begin!

Mark appreciating the gift from his 'angel' + Abbie & the olympic fire urn

1 comment:

Anna said...

waahh...lovely pics!! looks like you had fun, makes me miss everyone again!