Thursday, August 19, 2004

random quirks

Just thought it might be nice to share this with you.

And a new way to carry your child?

Well he seems to think it's a good idea.


Miss Tsang said...

LOL What the?!?!

crif said...


i LOVE it!! i need to take mental notes on that! it's SO DA-LU!!!!

btw - u'r link guy is from Penn State Univ!!!! go nittany lions!!!!

crif said...

the guy on the link to whatever it is! penn state my undergrad alma mater!

annong said...

well the guy who wrote that list of comments is definitely very wise! I learnt a new word..... alma mater.

crif said...

u'r welcome!! i learned a new word today too.... BREAD PUDDING!!!! YUUUUUMMMMMMM

annong said...

I learnt a very cool word here in Australia... Sticky Date Pudding.... YUMMO!!!