Friday, November 26, 2004

being 25

Has there been much change now that I have turned 25 (yes, I'm constantly reminded that I'm over a quarter of a century old) Well I still feel the same way, talk the same, and although I'm pretty sure I've gained a couple more pounds... I'm still generally relatively similar. Thought I'd share some pictures of my first week of being 25. I had a party at home on Saturday night with my relatives and friends, it turned out to be a pretty big thing! There were heaps of food too. One thing that struck me most was that it was rather strange having my birthday on a hot day... I'm used to having my birthday in autumn. Sunday was a birthday party for a girl from church, and a whole bunch of us went down to the riverside and chilled out for an entire day before the 6pm service. I got to go biscuiting (kindda like water skiing, but you sit in giant rubber rings) which was heaps of fun, and got to sunbathe and actually turned a few shades darker (something that hasn't happened to me in the longest time). And I also got to catch up with Maree and Daniel on Wednesday - we took a stroll along Shelley River, and if you look closely at the picture of Maree and I, you'll even be able to spot the sparse skyscrapers in Perth's CBD. A pretty awesome first week, 51 more of those to come!

high school reunion! + Marj & Jay - my beautiful friends from Young Adults

my beloved cousins + Yoshi, Anna & Ruth

my crazy cell group + the boys biscuiting

the painless way to get abs - draw them in with zinc + in the process of browning!

maree and i next to the shelley river + daniel and maree

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