Friday, May 20, 2005

finally finished something!

I finally taught my Mandarin lingo lesson to my classmates. I have to admit it was quite a scary experience cuz each one of my classmates also have to present in their own target language so they are all experts in their own way... plus seeing one or two critical frowns made me feel a little intimidated.... nevertheless I taught and it's now over!!! Special thanks to Ren who helped me tape a segment of Taiwanese radio (it was a really tough task for him and all his mates at Sony BMG!!) so I could introduce it in my class to help add a tad of realism into the language learning process. I love my friends I have in my LOTE (Languages Other Than English) class, they are really precious! I was so touched as they volunteered to help me set up my classroom, helped me stick my maps and pictures on the wall, and afterwards took it all down, helped with the packing up... I am so blessed!

I also finished knitting the scarf for my brother. It's supposed to be his birthday present. Hope he likes it. I was quite rusty at first... hadn't touched the knitting needles in years... eventually got into the swing of it... and here's the end result!


Wandering Far said...

I sat next to the Chair of the Mandarin department for MSU on my way back to the states over Christmas break. As a result of her facility with the language, she was called on by the stewardes' to translate a number of customs documents.

To make a short story long, I found it to be a beautiful language and I hope to take lessons in a few years.

odorus said...

Ann :) that's a cool scarf, looks really warm.

annong said...

thanks ocean ace for posting! It is a beautiful language! Never used to think it was... but now here I am trying to teach it to others! haha :)

crif said...

that is ONE BIG SCARF!!! SELL IT ON EBAY!!!!!!