Saturday, June 25, 2005

leaving town continued

Last night at Youth, Bryce and Samn had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the topic 'Media'. It followed on from Dave's talk last week about television programmes. It made me 'reflect' back on what I'd been learning in my Society & Environment unit. The unit emphasised that we all should become critical-democratic learners. Being a critical-democratic learner requires the learner to not only be absorbing information, but to think about it, and give opinions and actions in response. It's actually an intriguing topic to me because it also talks about the influences learners get exposed to. What are the teachers (and I was thinking about the church as a teacher influence) saying? What is popular culture saying? What are the responses the learner has towards certain issues... etc. As learners (as Dave and Bryce both pointed out) we have the control over what we want to take in into our lives. We should not be the victims of our influences, but instead we should be empowered by them (by being active learners, reflecting and critical thinkers). Remember: The remote is in our hands!

Samn + Brycey

On a different note, there are more people leaving town... my cousin Jan has decided to leave Perth and head over east to Melbourne and continue her studies next semester at my alma mater Monash, we sent her to the airport on Thursday... and my other cousin Eve will be going back to Malaysia to do her occupational therapy prac and won't be back in Perth till September! And as for me, like my fellow classmates, I'll be going away (tomorrow to be exact!) - going to check out Kunming, China for 5 days and also back to Hong Kong for 9 day! yippee! can't wait!

my beautiful cousins - eve, jan, syl at the airport

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