Thursday, June 23, 2005

leaving town

I finished my final exam... what a relief it is! Now I finally get to relax for a few weeks (and clean up the pig-sty of my room! not looking forward to that..) Some of us decided to head down to the uni tavern after the exam finished... It was really great being able to hang out with some of the other people from my course... we often don't get to hang out together just because everyone is so busy and most have other jobs/ errands to do on top of this crazy course. The weather was nice, sunny and warm, and our gathering got quite big, so we moved down to the lawn outside and just lounged out on the grass - what a carefree life! One hot topic of conversation today was what everyone was doing for the holidays... it seems that the majority of my classmates (I'd say about 80%) are all going away, leaving town for a bit, getting away from Perth... hooray for travelling! btw happy birthday Louisa, the brave girl who had to sit for our most unappealing exam on her supposed day of celebration!

carol, nicole and a friend + soaking up the sun

chilling on the lawn + katherine
Speaking of leaving town, my friend Peter has left town to go back to his home country Poland for good. He'd been in Perth for about a year and a half and has been a brilliant bass player in the youth and church worship team. Hopefully will be able to see him back in town soon... otherwise we'll all have to trek over to Europe for a good visit! We had a surprise farewell party for him on Saturday night... a great night, a terrific party!

the worship team + ann and peter

anne & jess + peter giving some input

watching the video + samn

jess bryce anne + karina & peter - the cute couple

ann and anne + mike karina mat leanne

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whoohoo i love the piccies.. now you have to send me the rest of the ones you didn't put up! :) i love JOOOO!! :) whoohoo i'm the first to comment! lalalala i'm a sick puppie i'm allowed to be silly. heheeh later cheester!