Monday, July 25, 2005

an entire uni unit in a week

I managed to get through an entire unit at uni last week. A crazy packed 5 days - an introduction to teaching The Arts (drama, music, visual arts, etc) and Health and Physical Education. Still an introduction isn't enough for me... I think I'm going to struggle with teaching Phys Ed... gulp! What I did enjoy during this intensive learning week was that we got to try make things in the Arts, like masks, creating music (that was a hilarious session!), drawing, and attempting to do some simple Phys Ed activities! At the end of the week we all had to give a group presentation advocating one of the aspects we had been learning over the 5 days. There were some very funny presentations but I'm pretty biased and reckon my group's presentation was pretty awesome.

My group decided to advocate hygiene in the Health learning area. One of my group members came up with the wonderful and ingenius activity. The activity was to show how communicable diseases can spread with just a few carriers. All the members of the audience (our classmates) received a cup with water in it as they entered the lecture theatre. Amongst the cups of water had 4 cups with glucose solution in them (which represented the disease carriers) which were marked at the bottom of the cups. We had the audience exchange their cups of water with as many different people as possible (the exchange = person A would pour all their cup's water into person B's cup, and person B would pour half of the amount back into person A). We then started our talk and during the talk we distributed Diastix (glucose indicator strips originally used as a diabetes test). At the end of our talk we asked everyone to dip their Diastix into their cup. We then asked who had a colour change in their sticks, and everyone raised their hand and then we asked the people who had the marked cups to raise their hand. We were initially very scared that the activity was going to be a flop but it was just amazing seeing everyone looking shocked and surprised at how quickly the 'communicable disease' had spread. The success of the activity left my group feeling very satisfied. (Now we just hope we get a decent grade for it!)

In other news this week: Congratulations to Christian and Esther who are now engaged! I was able to catch up with Lolly who flew in to Perth for a short work visit with Cathay Pacific over steak, cakes and tea. I finally finished knitting the baby yellow scarf for my sister Sarah... I remember Aimee stating she'd not knit but just buy a scarf, so why did I knit a scarf for my sister? I have no idea... I love my sister and she wanted a baby yellow scarf... go figure... Continuing about my sister, she shared (her first time at Riverview) a short message for the offering part of the Youth service on Friday night, and I thought it was really powerful - we are to offer something that costs to God (2 Sam 24:24)! Oh and Church started its 5th worship service this weekend up at ECU Joondalup campus! And Sy Rogers spoke at the Sunday night service about knowing God's character - awesome sermon!

a group presentation about music using angklungs & Sam being a very brave demonstration

my attempts at visual arts & my scary looking mask

my group presentation apparatus & Sarah's new scarf


Stef said...

hey, I just have come across your site and seen that you are recently in Perth. I would like to come there in a year for a semester abroad, but it is difficult to be chosen by my German uni. So press thumbs ;)
hope you enjoy everything down there!

Anonymous said...

hey ann
isnt uni just such great fun
but hey thats why we love the course we do
am looking forward to doing art this semseter but have already done HPE so if you need any books i think i can find some for u
God Bless

annong said...

aww miss you lots Jemima!!! take care of yourself in tom price! oxox

Velasque said...

hi ann...

thanks for ur support....
i really appreciate it...

take care