Sunday, July 17, 2005

my kunming - hong kong trip in review

Looking back I would have to say so many things have happened. I had an amazing time in Kunming, Yunnan province, China. Dad was there for a conference, so mom and I would go sightseeing during the daytime, and then meet up with dad for dinner. I had never been to Kunming prior to this trip so I didn't know what to expect. But I was very impressed with the overall outlook of this small multi-ethnic city, it was looking even cleaner and better than Beijing and Harbin in many ways to me. The city celebrates diversity with its 26 major minority people groups, and expressed through food, songs, costumes, etc. It was also very encouraging hearing the fantastic reports that the members of dad's conference brought this time. It's so inspiring and encouraging to hear how God has touched and changed different people's lives via various ministries around Yunnan province. Being in Kunming, seeing the amazing flowers, admiring the different cultural groups, tasted the delicious foods, hearing the amazing testimonies, made me fall in love with God all over again.

It was great being back in Hong Kong after leaving the city more than 15 months ago. It was really lovely seeing so many familiar faces, friends from church, old colleagues, etc., actually even bumped into a few people I knew on the streets! It was great seeing and meeting lots and lots of new people at church too. And I'm very impressed with the vine centre. I remember praying for church to find a place of its own before I left town, and now it has become a reality, and it serves good coffee as well at the coffee bar. Seems like everyone is getting ready for the opening of Disneyland... I got to meet some girls at church who actually sings and performs at Disneyland! Overall I did quite a bit of shopping, bought lots of knick-knacks, and especially window shopped the haute couture stores. I really enjoyed catching up with my friends, being able to spend time with them, eating heaps especially having my fill of foods that doesn't exist in Perth ie: ben & jerry's, haagen-dazs, starbucks, watami, i-cho, pocari, hawker-styled curry fish-balls and siu mai, cha-chan-tang, and the various yummy desserts etc... and of course staying out till late shopping. Btw currently loving my friend Tom Read's new song 'This is Love', check out his site and download the awesome song!

(Click on the highlighted words 'kunming' and 'hong kong' to check out the pics I took on my trip)


eastjoker said...

hey ann, great to know you were enjoying your trip back home.. the kunming & hk photos are awesome, i love the flowers they look really beautiful and those photos of yummy food.. hmm.. they make me miss home :D anyway..hope to see you soon! luv.

ruthjanine said...

yeah i loved kunming, it's an amazing place. great to have you home!