Monday, February 20, 2006

amidst the job hunting

I applied for a job on through an online job-advertising website last week. In return I received a very peculiar sounding email back about the job description... I didn't respond to it but just rolled my eyes... Throughout the job hunting process, I have come across a myriad of ads that look sort of legit, but when you read the details they just sound so dodgy... and ah! behold! I managed to apply to one of them! haha. The even funnier thing was I checked my email today and I received and email from the job-advertising website informing me that the job I applied for was found out to be phony. Hilarious! Anyway I'm still on my job hunting journey, a bit more wary of dodgy ads, but still plodding on!

Last week I got a call from my ex-colleague in Hong Kong telling me that the former company we used to work for has been going through some catastrophic changes... within 2 weeks 6 people had left the company (some fired, others quit). It just left me dazed as I heard the tragic news. The company used to be a place where people communicated through their issues and found ways to solve/ deal with the issue, it was a place of love & prayer, and I knew lots of people who eyed for a job there. What on earth has gone wrong. What has happened to the leadership and its direction? What has happened to my former colleagues?

Currently missing:
- My mommy. She's in Taiwan at the moment to be with my grandma 婆婆 who is not feeling too well these days.
- My brother even though we have our indifferences. He's back in Sydney getting ready for another semester of uni.
- Hong Kong. My cousins are currently over there for the week being tourists. They asked me to write down places that I loved and recommended so they could check it out... I managed to write a double-sided list (if I had more time and energy I probably would have written much more down)... sigh! I wonder when I myself will next be back in there.

Currently loving:
- Alison's new songs Circular Roads and Under His Arms (click on the titles to listen to the songs!) This woman is HOT! She's super talented!
- The new online store for Christian books & music - This is my friend Andrew and his wife Angie's new baby! Check it out!
- Live paintings during the sermons at Riverview.


annettetherocker said...

You don't miss me or love me :(
What a letdown.

Anna said...

oh my..i love alisons new songs...she is amazing!

hey guess what? i'm doing my dip ed!!:)

dpma said...

hey ann! just wanted to drop a line and say hi. i hope and pray that things are going well. god bless you ann!

Michaela Mason said...

hey you! no update so far? what's up?! Hey check out my blog ... I got in in the action. So any job yet? Link me... :) ehhehe