Thursday, March 02, 2006

a sigh of relief

After applying for heaps of jobs, the result I got last week were all negative... what a downer! It was just yesterday (Tuesday) that I was telling some of my friends about the job hunting situation and how I was going to continue to plod on. Anyway today (Wednesday) I got a phone call from a company asking me to go in for an interview! I was so stoked! God heard my grumbling and answered back. Whatever the outcome of the interview I'm just so in awe with God for being so humourous and real.

Well I haven't taken many pictures with my camera recently, but I have finally uploaded my pictures onto the computer. I discovered that I had taken some pictures of my church's Christmas production set design development, so here they are pictures of the set design of Riverview's Christmas Production (yeah I know it's months late, but I still love the pics!). And some of the happenings from this weekend/ week from my sister's camera: The main events were James and Laura's Superheroes themed birthday party where Clare, Corina, Sarah and I dressed up as Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, and the Young Adults' Sunday Sizzle at the Foreshore...

clare and ann at the club + the heroes in a half shell

the turtles, sheera and sailor moon + superman and dangermouse

the boys and the pole

robin + grace and jason

superhero pile-up + the sunday sky

gail + relaxing at the foreshore

sarah as a dancing bean + my artwork on fish fingers


annettetherocker said...

You guys were like the HOT version of the Ninja Turtles! Dancing bean. Ha ha.

eastjoker said...

haha! I love this post. weird.. all I can remember now is the Ninja Turtles and dancing bean.

dpma said...

the ninja turtles are the best!

annong said...

yes that's education for you... ninja turtles and dancing bean!