Saturday, February 11, 2006

february equals summer

Just still quite amused that it's February and I'm tanned... that didn't use to happen... in fact I was looking at a picture my ex-colleague sent over of her recently and she was all rugged up in her North Face down jacket in Hong Kong braving the winter chills. Gotta love the beach weather! (remember to Slip Slop Slap though) The downer about not being in HK in February is that I only received a minute amount of laisees... wished I was back there for CNY (oh the laisee! haha ok and the food & shopping!)

I remember playing with Barbie when I was younger, now the doll just seems to be a little too silly/ try-hard with her on-again/ off-again boyfriend Ken deciding to go the metrosexual look... Mattel the manufacturer is hoping that will bring Barbie sales back after Bratz made her sag... what the! sigh! Click here to see what I'm trying to explain. I was talking to a few friends over the past week about our favourite childhood toys/ TV programmes, and the conclusion we came up with was that what we once thought were soooooo awesome now looks or sounds so cheap and tacky. But I have to admit the 80s came up with a lot of great and innovative things for children... ie: HeMan, Sheera, GI Joe, Transformers, etc. the list goes on and on...

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annettetherocker said...

YAY! you posted, I was totally expecting to see the same old same old, but have been very pleasantly surprised. So thankyou Ann. I never liked barbie, nor owned one, but Hot Wheels made cars that changed colour when you put them in hot or cold water. Now THEY were cool.

Anonymous said...

Yeah He-Man rocked. Sheera ("princess of power") was not without her charm, either.

Does anyone remember "Monkey Magic"? That was a great show.

annong said...

Yeah I used to play Hot Wheels with my brother too. I think I had a few of those colour changing cars at home... they were so fun!

As for Monkey Magic, Jake... I was chatting with a friend the other day who was describing the show to me... I may have watched the same if not something similar when I was growing up in Hong Kong. Monkeys and kung fu = powerful combo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann!!

It's funny that I should read your blog on the 80s toys this week, it seems that it's a hot topic at the moment because I heard the same thing being brought up on the radio this week Barbie Vs Bratz. Apparently there's a pregnant Barbie now, where you push on her stomach and a foetus comes out and there's also a new boyfriend with coconut smelling hair or something!

I can never decide whether the 80s were actually better or it was just childlike innocence protecting us..but don't forget Transformers, My Little Pony, Care Bears and of course He Man - iwas so jealous of anyone who had the Castle Greyskull while I only had the figurines... *sigh* memories...