Monday, April 03, 2006

a cloud of randomness

It's late, I'm tired but I decided I should update a little, so here goes... I love what Pastor Zhenya from the Hillsong Kiev Church said tonight - we need to have a spirit of appreciation, especially for things/ people we may often take for granted. Anyway here's a random mish-mesh of thoughts from this past week: I'm really loving my cell group, it's quite a mix bag of characters but it just adds an element of interest and I reckon we're all learning from each other!... Can't believe that lots of the youth worship team guys have actually written songs. We finally got to listen and share them last week! It's so wonderful hearing the different styles of music and yet they have the same focus. Keep the tunes rolling guys!... I actually helped design and paint the new set design for April. (Yeah what the!?!) For a person who could never paint or design well in high school this has been a major achievement. I was actually quite scared especially being appointed the 'project manager' for the set. I was super priviledged to have been able to work alongside Belinda who is a Fine Arts graduate. She knew which colours to use, and how to mix them etc (I hadn't a clue about that kind of stuff!) Thank you God for helping us through it... I'm really looking forward to what the Young Adult ministry is capable of doing, there is so much potential that's yet to be unleashed. I reckon the retreat is going to rock! (Oh by the way the last Young Adult Social went very well... biskiting at the Narrows... twas a fun-filled afternoon with pictures to prove!)

josh jono clare + getting ready for a ride on the swan

the umbrella + jason candice

nahum jo + grace

jordan marje + sarah

ann + boys and their handstands


annettetherocker said...

The set looks awesome Ann. Look out VAT, Ann is moving up.

Dave said...

Hey, where's my picture?????

Anonymous said...

Dave you are the best

Dave said...

That was you ann wasn't it??

annong said...

ah Dave you make me laugh!

Mika said...

Nice hat there Ms Ann - 60s HongKong style. Like it baby! heheeh ... Many thingsto be grateful and thankful for- yea!