Wednesday, April 26, 2006

highlights of the week

Lots happened this week... among the many things... Nathan and Aaron, Sarah's friend's from HK who are now studying over on the East coast, came over to stay with us for the Easter break. During their stay, we were able to go to the Perth Zoo... had an afternoon with the animals; had dinner at Leo's twice during their stay; went to Sizzler twice... ate way too much each time; went to Brendan's parents' restaurant for fantastic Thai cuisine; saw Sarah in action at Subway during the lunch rush; watched 'Inside Man' at the movies; went down south for the Young Adult Retreat; we did heaps more but I'll stop rambling on about them for now...

We had the Young Adult Retreat over the weekend (Fri 21st - Sun 23rd April) in Dwellingup. I was a little nervous at first about the retreat as I had been helping out with some of the admin beforehand and wasn't sure if things were going to go as we had planned. Luckily it all went well... The atmosphere of the whole retreat was really amazing... There were lots of new people that I hadn't met previously and it was just brilliant getting to know them and seeing them all get connected to other people. The acoustic worship and speakers were really encouraging, helping me crave to get back to the basics, trying to keep it real in my worship. The location of the retreat was great too, the lush green surrounding was quite different from the city scape and helped me experience God differently. Anyways that's just a bit of what I got out of the retreat... (And some pics of the weekend below.)

the hermitage cottage + dave and the girls

b00f + simone

cathy and marje + chilling out by the fireplace

troy + jono brendan

nancy ryan jonathan jay marje + meal time out on the verandah

josh dunjey's baptism in the river

My friend Yoshi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl - Imogen Sayuri Monck, on the 21st April. I got to visit her at the hospital the other day... Imogen slept angelically through the visit (she was awake for most of the night the night before!). Congratulations JP and Yoshi!

proud parents yoshi jp and imogen + yoshi baby and ann

auntie ann + yoshi and her baby girl


Derek said...

wow.. yoshi has a child??? oisahasod;ifh*@#P*$@P#*@#$P*

so ann.. full circle is it? go from one part of the sia pacific to another to continue your quest to bless and serve our generation of young adults.


bless ya annnnnnnnnnnnnn!

annong said...

hey derek, yeah yoshi is now a mommy.

full circle... I guess it's something like that... although half the time I don't really understand what I'm doing! haha

ruthjanine said...

wow! i had the same comment as derek! yoshi has a baby! wow! last i saw her she was just engaged, but then again that was a while ago now i guess, hehe.
please send her my congratulations :)

Miss Tsang said...

wow!!!!! thats awesome!! yees totally full circle!!! i remember when they just got engaged!!!!

Much love!! xx

crif said...

wow...annong you look like such a natural mommy!!!

*jessix* said...

I look like you got a little 'momma' glow going on.

Anonymous said...

luv your post & that you are loving life!