Monday, January 15, 2007

new discoveries

As it was rather quiet at the office during the Christmas and New Year period I was allowed to surf the internet for a bit... I found some pretty interesting links:
- 180 has started as a whole young adults' ministry on a one-year bible reading plan - I'm hoping that I can follow it... really want to up my bible intake this year.
- A news story about Hip Hop Gospel... a pretty interesting approach to reaching out to the younger generation... I'd like to find out more about it.
- I also unearthed more design websites - one of those was a former uni classmate's shop called Moose and it's got lots of amazing Western Australian designs.
- When Hong Kong's broadband was down for a short while due to an earthquake in Taiwan affecting the underocean cabling, my poor friend Davina wasn't able to access her virtual pets, so I had the priviledge of feeding her horse and tiger... it was quite an exciting experience for me, I can totally see why people are hooked on it.

I also got some new things recently:
- Nokia 6233 silver mobile - my old one was dying on me and the phone plan was rather crummy...
- Canon ixus 850 camera - love it cuz it's got the image stabiliser device! but have realised how outdated I am with technology... so many functions yet to figure out how to use (phone and camera)... sigh!
anyway something less technical...
- Cetaphil moisturiser - yes it's summer here but it's also super dry.
- my full drivers licence


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the drivers license. It always amazed me how no one had their license in HK since I got mine at 16. Such a different world. Enjoy some open road songs!

annettetherocker said...

Post pics! Post pics!

Fiona said...

re: Neopets - that is soooooo funny!
I have a Neopet too but I'm nowhere near as good an owner as Davina. I think I feed it once a week... it's a good thing they can't die, or at least I don't think they can. LOL

Clare said...

YAY for ann and her crazy technology slurge and


hurrah! more drinks for you when we go out ;)

Derek said...

hello there. congrats on the drivers!!!!

oh and how's the reading plan going?

Anonymous said...

darling, thank you for feeding them. they love you to bits :D hahahaha... actually. i love you to bits!