Thursday, January 25, 2007

youth camp 2007

This year's youth camp was powerful. The theme was about loving God and loving people... the youth really took hold of the message and the outcome - mindblowing. To see the youth desire to seek God and to put love into action was just incredible. The worship element during camp was intense too... so intense that it carried over into the weekend services and also the weekly church staff meeting. It's been a total answer to my prayer (something I've been praying for over two and a half years)... thank you God. Anyway I've finally uploaded the pics I took with my new camera onto my flickr... just click on the pic below to see them.
As a response to the message at camp, some of the youth immediately set up a myspace... check it out... if you're in Perth, come to Riverview on Sunday morning and expect to be love attacked by the youth.

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Anonymous said...

feel the lurve :D in hk there was this camp called 'popo camp' (po as in hug so hughug camp?!) and they did a good job of spreading the love for a year or so. unfortunately i don't think it's still going on tho.

and sweetie, i didn't get a perm, my boss did!

love! d