Saturday, March 24, 2007

currently loving

Things I'm currently loving:
  • Hillsong United 'Unidos Permanecemos' - Spanish version of United We Stand... it has been helping me meditate on the lyrics instead of just rote singing... and learning more Spanish.
  • The new Kids Love Beef TV ad - Sarah and I are totally loving mermaids at the moment! Gotta love the red meat!
  • George - the new passenger and travel companion in my red pony (aka the Mitsubshi Colt)... inherited from Kymmie. Reminds me of the purple people and the crew in the purple people mover back in my HK days!
  • Jin's ABC song - it gives shout outs to Vitasoy and mahjong...
  • Internet banking... the joys of modern day living = not having to travel overseas to fix up a crucial monetary redistribution... phew!
  • Comfort Creatures - this series is so hilarious... combining clay animation with vox pops.
  • Bondi Rescue - who'd have thought of recording the day to day operation of the lifeguards at Bondi Beach would become a hit series?...
  • Speaking of beaches... this is a MUST see... what a great promo!
  • My Vanity Fair magazine borrowing programme - thank you Bryce for letting me borrow your VFs.
  • Jamie at Home - what a genius is Jamie Oliver?!... that guy has the ability of turning a traditional roast into something gourmet... that show always ends up making me hungry!... and inspiring me to have a veggie patch at home.

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