Tuesday, March 13, 2007

what a week!

The amazing Amanda organised a surprise 30th birthday party for Kym Rolle on Friday night. A few of us were at the Youth program beforehand but got to it later... heard that Kym found out about the 'surprise' before so I guess it wasn't too surprising for her. But regardless it was a good party and it was tonnes of fun... click on pic below for evidence.

Saturday was Gayle's annual gifts' day... we went to the zoo and oggled the animals... love the tortoises. Jess' son Gabe had quite an educational day I reckon... learning about how mud is good for the skin as it helps make it tighter (thanks Till!) It was also Bryce and Kym's documentary launch at the Imax Theatre. You have got to check this doco out, it is really powerful and impacting. The evening was topped off with a boogeying session at Benny's... GTs.

jess and till + till tina nick with a numbat

kym and bryce before the doco launch + aaron and chantelle

gayle till simona + the crew introducing the documentary

As Kym had decided to return to the Gold Coast, we tried to fit in as much as we possibly could to hang out with the crazy super multi-talented gorgeous girl in the last couple of days... dinners... helping her pack... and saying bye at the airport...

mrs rolle gayle serg kym + kym and mike

becoming a bride of christ + things kym found under her mattress

saying good bye at the airport
Kym 姐姐, 我愛妳!

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