Sunday, April 29, 2007

april update

April seems to be a pretty eventful month... Here are some picture evidence of what happened after Easter... (not all in chronological order)

Aaron and Chantelle's engagement party - a really cosy luncheon at Chantelle's parents' house where her parents cooked up a storm, Simon helped out as the coffee barista, and there was a dessert table complete with a chocolate fountain for fondue!

clare sarah chantelle + simon working the coffee machine

chris + caleb and clare

fiona and the chocolate fountain

ben sierra ann + emily adam kate

It was my mom's birthday...

dad and mom

It was my cousin Sylvia's birthday - we went to my favourite Japanese restaurant Zen and totally pigged out.

clockwise from top left: the birthday cake; jac and fabe; syl and gong gong; ben, eve and sarah

Syl and Justin

I had lunch with some of my uni friends and caught up with all the latest goss... It was also Jono's birthday - we went to Time Zone, the boys ended up with water pistols!

uni friends brandon dave nikki chris + jono seth jason with their pistols

Bryce decided to leave us for the US... it was a farewell weekend... the official farewell party was at Amanda's house. Amanda was a very gracious hostess who not only let us hang out at her house but also lavished us with a home cooked dinner.

chilling in the lounge room + corina amanda bonnie

leftover spag bol + bryce mal dani

bryce hacker + corina

bryce sarah + ann

Some of us also went to the airport to send Bryce off...

corina and gayle + ado b00f bryce

jess and bryce + bryce and his sis emma

group shots

bryce posing one last time before going thru customs + the rest of us leaving the airport

Currently loving:
- Finding my high school friends on Facebook. Although I think there are too many networking sites these days and it's increasingly annoying as it's really hard to keep track... sigh!
- The combination of abscission, anthocyanin, and carotene in plants that create the amazing colour changes in the leaves and for making them fall off the trees in autumn... nature's eye candy!
- Discovering new functions on my camera (thanks Bryce! and no I guess I haven't gone through the entire user's manual yet!)
- Yumcha (飲茶) - a great time to catch up with friends over dimsum (點心) and jasmine tea.
- Yerba mate - missed drinking that tea... recently started drinking it again... what an amazing green tea! I haven't been able to find Mate Cocido anywhere in Perth though... anyone know where I can get some of that stuff?

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