Monday, January 28, 2008


This year the youth summer camp was separated into junior and senior high, and was over an entire week. I got to help out with the senior high camp (I couldn't wait cuz I went down to one of the junior high's night rallies and it was brilliant... it was so great being able to see all the kids having a lovely time... plus I was dying to get out of work) I had a fantastic group named 'Preposterone' which I co-led with Seth and Corina. Our group had plenty of laughs and the boys came up with a hilarious chant for us... we were pretty much last for everything but somehow ended up winning Camp Champs! yippee! I loved my dorm girls too, they were absolutely gorgeous and there was some pretty deep conversations at night... plus we were well armed with food and electric mosquito repellent (courtesy of Annette!) One of beautiful girls from my alliance last year asked me if I could help baptise her at camp... I was so stoked, it was such an honour! Other highlights of camp were:
- Serpentine camp got renamed Legoland... all the campers got into becoming lego characters... it was a sight to behold!
- An acoustic worship session out on the oval...
- Pirate wars... it was a really full on game... everyone got very involved! making water and flour bombs, designing the base flag, strategising the plan of attack, fortifying our base, pillaging gold nuggets... we even found a dead baby kangaroo!
- We ended camp by going over to the South Perth foreshore for some biscuiting... nova radio station's casanova van was around giving out lots of freebies and quite a few of the kids got face masks which surprisingly the boys were really excited about and some even used them on the spot!

Click on image to view the pics from camp.

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