Wednesday, October 06, 2010

new york

This city really never sleeps! I've been here for a week and there is always new things to check out for museums, exhibitions, shopping, broadway productions, food, markets etc. There are tonnes of shops open till midnight or even 24 hours!

I have been very blessed with accommodation this trip, and have been staying at a friend's apartment overlooking the Hudson River and the New Jersey shoreline. It's really fascinating watching the different types of transportation that crosses the river... there are speedboats, cruise ships, container boats, ferries, kayaks etc.

Before I arrived in New York (NYC) I had heard people that live on Manhattan Island do not like to leave the island. I didn't think much of it until I got into NYC and discovered it for myself. I guess even though Manhattan may be an island, it is very self-sufficient and comprehensive so many of its residents do not feel the need to travel out of it. I did manage to venture out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn (an area very much like Fitzroy in Melbourne) to catch up with an old primary school friend from my HK days. I even took a train up to Connecticut for a day to go sailing with some friends and had a feast of a dinner at their house.

I somehow was able to cram an enormous amount of touristy things into this trip, and I admit I'm a little museumed out... the museums I have visited:
- Solomon Guggenheim Museum
- Metropolitan Museum of Art
- American Museum of Natural History... even made a video postcard haha American Museum of Natural History - Video Mail
- MoMA

More places of interest I visited...
Food: M&Ms World, Hershey's, Pop-Tarts World, Magnolia Bakery, Momofuku Milk Bar (and even The Australian pub... yes I met up with a bunch of Aussies)
Shops: Tiffany & Co, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Sephora, Origins, Patricia Field
Other spots to note: Central Park, Circle Line sightseeing cruise around the lower half of Manhattan, Empire State Building, NBC Studios tour, St Patrick's Cathedral, Times Square, Tribute WTC Visitor Centre...
Plus many more...

jeff koons at wtc + sailing in connecticut

lady liberty + a glimpse of sightseeing

Links to pics:
NYC - part one:
NYC - part two:

Next stop, Monterrey, Mexico! I'm exciting and slightly freaking out cuz my Spanish is not up to scratch at all! Oh well... I'm sure I'll have fun regardless!

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Sarah said...

cheester you are seriously an awesome traveller!!
i really would have loved to do NYC with you!
can we do it one day? just the two of us?

i'm at work atm, it's 2:30am.. night shift.. yay. not. but it's my 4th night so i'm done after this.

anyway.. MISS YOU!!!!