Friday, May 28, 2004

blink and that's it

On our way back home from the city today, we (my cousin Syl, Jan and I) witnessed a serious car crash. As we were approaching an intersection, the motorcyclist in front of us sped up to cross the amber light, just then a car came from the intersecting road and the motorcyclist rammed straight into the side of the car and the motorist flew off and landed on the side of the road. It was rather graphic. Luckily there were people at the scene immediately and were contacting the police and paramedics. After a minute or so, the motorist was moving his leg and arm, so I was very relieved. My cousin Syl who was driving was in total shock and drove quite slowly back home after that. It all just made me realise what can happen in just a blink of an eye. The incident made me think about how priviledged I am to be living - the lifestyle I'm currently living, to be blessed with all the things I have, my family, my friends, etc. I feel very lucky to be alive! It made me think, how am I worthy of all these things. And if I'm not careful it can all be taken away from me just like that. It made me realise I have to be a faithful steward with not just my belongings, but also with time. Hmm more humble pie for me here in Perth!


Miss Tsang said...

..thats terrible!! where in Perth did this happen??

ruthjanine said...

Yeah it really can go so quick. Were you in the city still?

annong said...

I was on the edge of the city, was just about to cross the road to join the Mitchell/ Kwinana freeway. Life is seriously like a flash!