Tuesday, June 01, 2004

productivity/ purpose

I've had some totally imbalanced up and down emotional days lately (which is not something pleasant and nothing you want to see), and I feel sorry for dad who has to deal with me on a day to day basis. As for productivity, I've finally picked out the tiles that will be used for my bathroom... if only dad will decide on his! I've been using the newly acquired steam/ vacuum cleaner... it's been rather interesting... it looks like something from one of those Danoz Direct telemarketing gizmos but this thing actually works, well, that was until it died on me while I was happily cleaning the kitchen's extractor fan... perhaps the extractor fan wasn't too pretty looking and it didn't like it much, but it just beeped non-stop at it and stopped steaming. Luckily I got a new one from the steamer cleaner company to replace the dead one. So it's Ann the steam cleaner back in action once again!

After much slacking and bludging, I've finally picked up the copy of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren given to me by Nate. I'm enjoying reading it and spending time pondering on life's questions. It's a challenge for me to be reading these days, normally my eyes begin to blur after a page or so and then they just don't seem to focus (alright they may look a bit cross-eyed) and I begin to feel sleepy. But I've made a committment to finishing this book, so I will complete it in 40 days. I really need to read more...

This is a little something for all you American Idol fans: (no Dan, that's NOT my brother)

William Hung


ruthjanine said...

haha, "she bangs she bangs" Go william!
Yeah, i feel sorry for the males around me who don't understand the outburst of tears every now and then! haha.

crif said...

HAHAHAHAAH... that's u'r BRO!!!!!! ahahahaahah.... oh man... poor moses