Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the power of persuasion

Although I've been attending church for quite a few months now, I've not actually met any one there (as in friends). I've been meaning to join a cell group to get to start fellowshipping with people at church. I was hanging out with Anna on Monday and she persuaded me to write an email to the church office regarding the matter. I was a little hesitant but wrote it anyway. I got a response the next day and a phone call to confirm it too. Woohoo so I finally went to a cell group at Riverview. I have to say I'm so glad that I went. I can now say that I know people at Riverview church. Even got to sit with them at church tonight! Thanks Anna! (btw Rachel, I'm still working on the name!)

It's been great being able to spend heaps of time with my sister and my family as well. My sister is super wise and has taught me so much. Love you Sarah!

Oh here's a random carrot song & some recent pics...

coffee with the Sunset Coast girls & the Subway girls

mom acting like a silly elephant & my cheeky dad

my brother Moses & Sarah and her anzac biscuit

yumcha & jan and sarah

my beloved Lari the teacher & mmm... Dome's flat white

my cousin Min & Anna and the riverview

by the river & outside my new house with my cousin Zhen


Miss Tsang said... piccys man! I look so tired!! hahah :)

annong said...

but always beautiful Anna! :)

crif said...

annnnnonnngg! u'r place looks awesome! YOU look awesome! it's great to hear that u'r getting rooted at riverview! u'r mom's very cute... now i know where u get the funny faces from! hehe

ruthjanine said...

mmmmmm yum cha!

Unknown said...

Great photos Ann!!
keep them comming...
Love Britt-Astrid

Unknown said...

Hey Ann! You are always beautiful!!
Missing you from HongKong!