Friday, November 19, 2004


Guess who I met last night? Lolly (who flew in yesterday morning) and I went to Riverview's New Comer's Night last night, we arrived a little earlier, so we grabbed a drink and plopped ourselves in the nearest seating arrangement. The event was about to begin and as I turned my head towards the entrance, who did I see... MAREE HERATH and baby Daniel from The Vine Christian Fellowship HK! We were both amazed that we found each other. I knew that Maree and her family were going to move back to Perth even before I left HK but never got her contacts. I had tried to get her details off others and her likewise about me but no one responded back to us. It was just a divine encounter! I mean what are the chances of me bumping into her. Here are the side details... I had been wanting to attend a New Comer's Night for a while now (the event only occurs once every 3-4 months) and I had already missed 2 of these events because I wasn't able to make it both times due to various reasons. Maree has only been to Riverview Church for 6 weeks and heard about the church from Kate Bowen-Jones. I attend the Sunday 6pm service, whereas Maree has been checking out the Sunday 11am one. Think about it, if I had attended a New Comer's Night previously, I wouldn't have gone last night. I wouldn't have bumped into her at church cuz we go to different services. And even if we were in the same service, there's a slim chance of us actually seeing each other cuz there are lots and lots of people at the services. There just isn't such a thing as a lucky coincidence! I feel incredibly blessed to have connected back with Maree and looking forward to catching up with her soon!

I'll back track... Last Sunday, my family and I went abalone catching with some of my parents' friends. Coming from HK where abalone is all the rage and ranked highly in the eyes of seafood lovers, we were pretty pumped to actually catch these things ourselves. We only got 2 licenses among us 4... each license is restricted to 20 abalones per day. The abalone season around Perth's metropolitan area is from November to mid-December and only on Sundays... so it's only 6 catches possible. Anyway Sarah and I managed to join dad and the uncles out on the rocks and used screwdrivers to pry the abalones off the rocks. I have a new found respect for abalone catchers... it's pretty rough and dangerous out there! I got swept off by a couple of waves and now sport some new bruises and scratches around my body, Sarah lost a flip-flop (not to self: wear enclosed shoes next time!), dad lost a screwdriver. The regulations say you can only catch abalones that are larger than 60mm, so it makes the catch so lucrative. I was able to catch a couple pretty big ones. There were lots of Asians at the beach (typical Asians all stocking up on abalone for the year). The conclusion of the catch - awesome! Hoping to be able to go again next week.

everyone working hard! & my catch of the day

On a side comment, I received these links a few days ago and I loved this and also this. Although I haven't watched Super Size Me (I've heard lots about it), I don't think it'll deter me from going to Maccas. I agree with Cliff, stop playing the blame game, we've been given choices, make them wisely!


ruthjanine said...

you know what ann - i've never been fishing! and i'm meant to be aussie! hehe, but i went crabbing a little bit when i was younger.

Mrs. Ma said...

What is wrong with tagboard these days?
How was your birthday? did you have fun? :) I checked out your mcD video's- their outfit is... hrm... Nan Kan Si Le!

Gabrielle Lee said...

I miss you ann!!!How was your bday????Love you!!xoxoxoxo