Friday, January 28, 2005

back to school

I've just completed my first week of uni... I must say it's very weird being back at school. I think I've been pretty overwhelmed with the stuff what has been bombarded on us in class, and I have heaps of reading to do plus a journal as part of my assessment. Although this course is pretty intensive, I'm finding it quite interesting and challenging... I'm supposed to be observing schools and teaching a segment of a class in 2 weeks time... erm ok!

This year my family got to celebrate Australia Day at the foreshore (along the Swan River) with about another million other people (it's the biggest event of the year in Perth)... had a picnic there with some family friends and watched about 40 minutes of fireworks! A spectacular event!

I haven't been taking many pictures lately, but I thought I'd just put a few semi-recent pics from my sister's camera up of our friends from church and us.

on the way to the river cruise + some of the gorgeous people at the river cruise

adrian and karlee + bryce

playing in our pool + creatures of the deep
des, serg and marj + sabina


ruthjanine said...

wow those pool pics are really cool!

Miss Tsang said...

wow love those piccys! youre so beautiful Ann!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Will you by my Valentine Ann... your secret admirer.

annong said...

woohoo! I feel so loved and appreciated to have a secret admirer! :)